We're Expecting!

After trying for a few months, God has finally blessed us with a sweet little pea that will make his or her debut in June!

As long as I can remember I wanted to be a mother. As a kid, I loved playing "house" and with my dolls. I was even that little girl who needed a more life-like creature to dress up, so my poor cat was styled in clothes and a stroller far too often. I know not every woman sees being a mother as a goal, but for me it truly is. 

This week begins week 22 for us. So far we have heard the heart beat every 4 weeks at the OB and have had our first ultrasound at 20 weeks. The ultrasound showed that all the organs were developing well and that the baby was growing at healthy rate. We counted 10 fingers and 10 toes...and of course seeing our little baby twirling around on the screen brought instant tears to my eyes. The technician and OB were able to tell us the gender, but we declined to find out. We are wanting to have the surprise, something we have debated back and forth since before we were expecting. 

Overall, we are feeling blessed beyond belief and are looking forward to continuing this journey!

Madonna Lyrics in Real Life

"...And we are living in a material world..".These Madonna lyrics have never been more true than they are today. With apps like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and yes even blogging we are constantly bombarded with the newest and shiniest things. Seeing all these items can spend a surge of greedy or what I like to call "wantieness". However, why do we do it? Why can we not look at something and say that's nice and move on? I know some of us can, but I know there are times we are at fault on this.

The other day I was at the grocery store and was brought to tears. A gentleman in line had a loaf of bread and a package of pre-sliced bologna. At first I thought nothing of it until his total came and he paid the lady in dimes and nickels, even having to search for a few extras to come up with the amount needed. Soon as he found the extra dimes he needed he was gone so fast. My heart just kind of broke.

We take so much for granted in our lives, forgetting that there are people in this world and even just in our hometown that are making due on a lot less. It is so easy to come online and ogle at all the shiny things that we do not need. Actively look your life, if you have food in your belly, clothes on your back, and a roof over your head it is a significantly a better life then some. Now add in all the extras we have in our lives and it makes our living look pretty darn good.

Now I am not trying to guilt you about your shopping. I am bonafide shopaholic. I just ask you to look around your life, be present, and be grateful for all of the blessings you do have in your life.

Easy Last Minute Costumes

For Halloween, I am a huge fan of creating my own costumes rather than purchasing a costume specific outfit from the party stores. I think you can get more unique and creative, while still being stylish when you create your own. Plus, it can help to save some money. It is pretty ridiculous how much some of the costumes in the store cost! So this Halloween, save some money and get creative!

Last minute Costume Ideas

If you are struggling to create a costume, take a look on youtube for some makeup inspirations. To go with the skeleton costume, you could attempt to recreate this look. For a flapper girl, you could take inspiration from this video or this one for a mermaid. Last year, I was the tooth fairy for Halloween which was a huge crowd pleaser to the trick or treaters! I purchased my wand and wings from the dollar store. I used glitter glue to draw a sparkle tooth in the centre of an old cotton shirt and paired it with tights and skirt I had. My total costume costed me $4! Dressing up and being festive does not need to break the bank! Using makeup and fun items, like shells and jewels for a mermaid for example, can help to to add a little piazza to the costume! I cannot wait for Halloween it is by far my favourite holiday of them all! What are you dressing up as this year? 

10 Date Ideas this Fall

1. Picnic amongst the foliage. 
Pack some favourite soups or delicious finger and your favourite sweaters. Find a beautiful area to sit on a warm cosy blanket and enjoy nature's natural beauty. Ps. Wine will warm you up!

2. Head to the pumpkin patch. 
I truly believe that pumpkin patches are not just for kids. Patches are perfect date idea, especially when they have hayrides, corn mazes, and a petting zoo. There is so much to do spend the day and pick out your favourite pumpkin to come home with you for date #5.

3. Go apple picking. 
Apples are so crisp and fresh right off the tree. Find a local "pick your own" orchard and go pick a bushel of goodness together. One for the basket, one for your mouth!

4. Make fun of raking leaves.
Raking leaves does not need to be a chore. For this date, grab 2 rakes and a whole lot of leaves. I'm sure your neighbour won't mind you stealing some of theirs. Rake them into a giant pile, and....well, you guessed it: JUMP! Play together like children it can be so fun and carefree.

5. Carve some pumpkins.
From your pumpkin patch date, create a pumpkin carving contest! Get creative and spooky. Each carve your pumpkin and turn it to show the other when finished. Pop those seeds in the oven with a little butter and salt, then enjoy!

6. Marathon some screams.
Create a collection of your favourite Halloween or horror films and snuggle up together to watch. My favourites: 1, 2, 3, & 4.

7. Go to a football game.
You do not need to dish out a couple hundred dollars to attend a football game. Find a local high school team to cheer on.

8. Bake some spiced favourites. 
Bake some fall inspired recipes that will fill up your house with the scent of deliciousness. This recipe that is delicious and easy. You could find the pumpkins at the patch! Or try any of these recipes.

9. Drive and take in the foliage.
Take a drive together listen to your favourite tunes and take in the beautiful colours of fall. Drive aimlessly without caring where you are, you never know what you may find off the beaten path you didn't know about.

10. Host a costume party!
Halloween is around the corner. So, host a costume party for family and friends. A little bobbing for apples, music, food, and favourite drinks you are all set!

Lessons from an Only Child

That is right, I am an only child. AKA my parents got it right the first time, kidding (but not really!). As a kid everyone thought it was the weirdest thing, pumping me with questions like "who do you play with"? Which obviously I would look blankly at them responding, "well, I am playing with you aren't I? Duh." I was sassy, and by "was" I mean "am". As adults people still ask me the strangest things about growing up alone and whether or not when I have a family if I will follow the same strange path for my offspring. I am really not sure why. I just don't understand the fascination and the mystery that is the solo child.

As an only child, I learned to entertain myself. If I was home and without said friends, it was up to me to entertain myself. I got pretty good at it and was never bored. I was the boss and had to answer to no one telling me how to play my own game. I was able to let my creativity and imagination soar without feeling embarrassed or bossy towards other people.

I learned to be independent. Again, alone means you learn to like it or at least deal with it. I learned how to do a lot on my own without the pressures of other siblings. In addition, sometimes I also got all the glory from those achievements (bonus!). By the time school came around I was able to work independently without fawning over the teacher. I was and still am able to work independently while finding this fulfilling.

I learned to share my own opinion. I never had to listen to sibling pressuring me into thinking a certain way about something. I had my own mind, ideas, and opinions that were 100% my own. I learned to share them openly with anyone.

I appreciate myself. After spending so much time alone with myself, I know myself pretty darn well.  I know my faults, weakness, and strengths. I have always been in self reflection mode which has helped shape me to who I am today and how I carry myself.

I didn't need to share. Yup, there it is. This as a child was a bonus to me. I got to choose when and with who I shared with. And because of my lack of sharing, I learned to appreciate and care for my things. My toys, clothes, and whatnot were mine and only mine. I was in charge of all the things and took this responsibility very seriously. Although, I didn't need to share, I do know how (thanks school).

Responsibilities weren't a shocker. Not only was I raised as an only child, but I was also raised by a single mom. Responsibilities were just part of my daily life, even from a young age. I enjoyed responsibilities and still do. I learned that I couldn't blame my mess on some younger sibling. It was only me. Therefore, I knew I couldn't get away with anything, so honesty became the only policy. 

All in all, the life of a only child isn't fascinating as most people think. We learned lessons similarly to those who have siblings. No, we all were spoiled rotten. Yes, we learned to share. Yes, we may have even liked it.

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Etsy Community Post & Giveaway!

This month I have teamed up with bunch of blogger friends to promote some of our favourite Etsy shops. Plus, since holiday shopping is quickly approaching this post will help you gather a different and custom ideas that you may not find at your local shopping mall. I love to give personal gifts, which is why I like Etsy so much. Most of the gifts I purchased for people at our wedding were from Etsy! In addition you getting a shopping list essentially done for you, we have giveaway for a Etsy gift card so you can purchase a gift for someone special or save it for a little self spoil. 

I launched my Etsy shop this month and cannot wait for Christmas Card Sales to start. If you haven't been to my shop yet, you should take a trip over there and see what it is like. I thought I would give you a sneak peak into the Christmas Card Photo choices I put on my Etsy shop! Come order your holiday cards and use the coupon code "christmas" for 20% off. I also take custom orders!


Angie from My So-Called Choas!

I'm a HUGE supporter of buying or creating handmade for holiday gifts, and I think it's such an important movement to get behind. Why would you give more money to giant corporations when you can support someone who is building something unique and filled with love? For example, my best friend from high school settled down and married the love of her life in Savannah, GA. They threw caution to the win and quit their day jobs that they hated and started working really hard to live entirely off of their passions. He writes for a living (you can actually snag his two scary story anthologies right in time for Halloween HERE and HERE) and she works non-stop days to both take care of their 2 year old and create handmade geek goods for kids at her shop Growing Up Geeky. Buying from them would ensure that your money is going to supporting passion and the lives of real people who are struggling to get by, and not billionaires who pay their employees poorly. So you get good karma points PLUS a beautiful and unique gift for your loved ones.


Mary from Uncustomary Art

"I love glitter, and my glitter pills are a great way to spread some sparkle to my customers!" Mary owns an  Etsy Shop and if you would love some of her Glitter Pills head over now and get them! 


Amanda from Trail of Sprinkles

With the holidays quickly approaching, one of the most common and relatively inexpensive gifts to give are pictures. Pictures help to capture a special moment or memory we want to share and pass on to the other person. One of my favourite Etsy shops I will be purchasing a few gifts from this holiday season is PhotoMediaDecor. Their shop allows you create custom canvas or wood prints to capture those special moments in a beautiful way that can add a special touch to any home. Plus, their prints range in sizes and prices to fit any budget or creative idea you think of!

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