Moving on Up: September Goals

goal setting

As you may know from this post I love goals setting. I think that can help manage stress and provide a reasonable steps to achieving an even bigger dream. Goals help me to stay focused, organized, and happy. As a Type A or Gold personality, goal setting is in my veins. So, on the last day of August I thought I would share with you my September goals.

Work on having at least one date night a week to help us reconnect after a busy week.

Begin to reach out to new people I have met and build new relationships and friendships

Sign on one new Arbonne Consultant and teach them how to grow their own business.
Grow my twitter following to 150 followers.
Do at least one make-up tutorial.

Read one new book and review it. 

Build a gym routine and work it into my weekly schedule.
Hold myself accountable to attend the gym.

Finish organizing and decorating our home office.
Finish decorating bedroom.

What are you goals for September? 

Filling Your Happy Tank


Often, especially thanks to social media, we are constantly wanting the validation from other people. We are continually checking our pins, shares, and likes. Then after we feel the need to measure ourselves against those other profiles of people we hold up on some imaginary pedestal.

Finding happiness and successes in our own life needs to take precedence to fill our happy tank. When we compare ourselves and constantly try to find validation in other people it often fails and is short lived.

Look at your own life through a positive lens. What are you happy about in your life? What have you done or overcome? Your experiences are unique in every way. They cannot be compare to someone else because you are unique. Our lives can never be duplicatable because of the amazing uniqueness we each have. So, with that in mind why do we try so hard to duplicate others? Being authentic selves is surest way to fill our happy tank and be positive and active in our own lives!

winery tour

Skin Care Crimes 101

After years of battling every possible skin concern, I have happily established a skin care routine that leaves my skin healthy and radiant. After meeting with dermatologists and aestheticians, in addition to taking skin care lessons I have learned the benefits a good skin care routine can have.

Fail 1. Wash Me
Think about never washing your hands. Ewwww, gross, all those germs and bacteria. So why do people neglect washing their face. Washing your face properly ensures that you remove any build up of oils, makeup, pollution, sweat, and just general dirt. These impurities enter the pore and follicle creating a build up, which just leads to pimples and spots that no one wants. You need to wash your face properly to remove these impurities and have more fresh healthy looking skin. Using a good cleanser that works for your skin is super important.
Helpful Tip: Some cleansers contain toner in it, which can help you skip a step in the routine. 
Personal Favourite: RE9 Smoothing Anti-Aging Cleanser

Fail 2. Too Harsh of a Cleanser
Sometimes cleansers can be too drying and too harsh for our skin, which can cause more damage than you may think. If a product is too harsh it can lead to stripping the skin of all the natural and good oils, which causes break outs and more production of oils. The key is to clean the skin without over drying the skin. 
Helpful Tip If your skin feel tight after washing your face, your cleanser is over drying your face and not right for you! 

Fail 3. Not Using a Toner 
I know a lot of people skip this step in their skin care routine, mostly because they don't know why it is important. For starters, it helps to restore the ph balance of the skin and adds hydration. Toner also helps to remove any oils or dirt that may have been missed after washing your face. But, even better it aids in prepping the skin to absorb any serums, treatments, and moisturizers.
Helpful Tip: If the product contains alcohol, it is an astringent not a toner. 
Personal Favourite: RE9 Regenerating Toner

Fail 4. What is a serum? 
Serums or treatments are the glitter to your skin care system. These are highly concentrated active ingredients that help the skin look its very best. For example, if you have an anti-aging skin care routine, a serum would be the most effective ingredient in that system.
Helpful Tip: Use a serum that targets the specific benefits you want (i.e - anti-aging, firming, restoring, acne help).
Personal Favourite: Genius Nightly  Resurfacing Pads & Solution 

Fail 5. Gimmie Some Hydration 
Moisturizer is essential part of your skincare routine. Hydrated skins helps create a radiant healthy glow to the skin and leave it feeling soft. Dry skin can make your makeup look flake more easily, which I am sure was not the look you were going for. Adding a moisturizer and drinking plenty of water helps to add hydration to the skin.
Helpful Tip: Find a day moisturizer with SPF in it, so you can skip the sunscreen step. 
Personal Favourite: Rejuvenating Cream 

Fail 6. Exfoliating Too Often 
Over exfoliating can result in doing the same as using a harsh cleanser. Exfoliating once a week is generally the rule of thumb.

Conquering Mornings

I am not a morning person. Never have been. 

I have always been the person that:
 sets 129860 alarms in the morning
snoozes the 129860 alarms 
has to coach myself to exit the warm grip of my bed
gets out at the last minute before I am actually going to be late 
rushes around angrily that I am going to be late
refuses to hold an conversation until I arrive at my morning destination

All in all, not a morning person. I love sleep and always am well rested. But, this endless routine was a runt. I was grumpy and not eating right.  And, well marrying a super morning lover kind of has forced me to deal with my issue.  

However, I have stumbled upon ways to tease myself into being AM lover. 

Now, I set one alarm. I know if I miss it, I am late. 
Being late is my ultimate pet peeve and actually gives me horrible anxiety when I am ever late. 

Morning alarm
The alarm (aka my trusty cellular device) is placed out of reach, so I physically have to open my eyes and move from my sweet slumber position. 

The alarm I set gives me enough time to properly get ready without running around like an angry chicken.

While getting ready, I splash my face with cold water. This not only wakes me up, but also wakes the skin up to look more refreshed (bonus)!

I try to put something in my stomach to jump start my metabolism. Usually I stick with a protein shake and my daily vitamins.

Now instead of a pep talk to get myself out of bed, I chat with myself or my husband about all the things I plan on accomplishing that day.

I have been able to conquer mornings leaving the house to start my day with a more happier mentality and overall mood.
getting up early

10 Affordable Dates Before Summer Ends

                          10 Dates Before Summer Ends

1. S'Mores 
If you have a fire pit, whip out some sticks and cosy up to your loved one to make each other a delicious S'More. If you are like us and your backyard is under construction, get a tabletop S'Mores maker. We love ours someone gifted us as a house warming gift. It makes the perfectly sweet date night in.

2. Beach Bums 
Day or night visit the beach. Walk a local pier then sit and watch the waves. Even better, grab a blanket and add number 3 to your beach date.

3. Wine & Cheese 
Pick out a local or favourite wine with some delicious cheeses. We love visiting local wineries and picking up a bottle to enjoy together.

4. Dinner for 2 
Cook and set-up a special dinner for 2. There are so many recipes out there that you can try that can save money and are delicious. Set the scene at home where the 2 of you can enjoy each others company without any distractions. Candles, dim lights, each other and tasty foods can go a long way.

5. Local Attraction
Visit a local attraction. Many museums are not very expensive or often offer discounted rates to locals. Thankfully we live near a huge attraction that we can play tourists any chance we can. Find something in your area. Playing tourist can not only be fun, but you can learn a lot of things you may have never even known!

6. Picnic 
Since summer weather is still here, take advantage of it. Visit a farmers market or pack a lunch then picnic in the park.
7. Freshly Picked 
We live in an area where fruit picking is in abundance. It is super inexpensive to find an orchard and pick your own fruits. One for the basket and one for your mouth! (Oops)
8. Take in a Game
Cheer on a local game or a stadium game. Who cares where you sit, its about the company you are with. Grab cheap seats or watch a little leagues game.
9. Karaoke
Get adventurous together at a karaoke night. Find a duet to sing together. If your together it will make it less embarrassing because you can be silly together.
10. X Marks the Spot 
Plan a scavenger hunt for your spouse with something special at the end for the 2 of your to do. Whether at home or around the city. Although, it takes some planning, it is so fun. If you do it around the city, chose spots that are significant to you as a couple. Doing this can remind you of precious moments and memories.

Overall, a date night should be about spending time with the one you love. Embracing, loving, and sharing with each other….or just being silly!

Rumour She Wrote…

I need to rant:

I need to talk about rumours. I can say I have been both a starter and a victim of them. Being on either side is not a fun time. As the starter, I can say I need to make myself feel better about something. Often the rumours that are conjured up in a witches brew are a reflection of the person who made them - feeling a little inadequate in our lives and situations or needing someone to blame. As a victim it just plainly sucks. There isn't another word for it. It just gets you down and makes you second guess a lot! What can be even worse, depending on your situation, is when no one actually believes your side. Rumours give reasonable doubt, which in a court of law is grounds for the charge.

There are rumours surrounding us everyday in the media and in our own lives. Our society has made it "okay" so spread rumours without taking any backlash for doing so. I have done things, said things, and thought things that I am not proud of. But, I grew the heck up. My state of mind changed. Instead of pushing people down, I have learned to lift people up. I try to stay the heck away from those "negative nancys" and embrace those with like-minded positive thinker.

So, I invite you to take a look at a rumour about someone and second guess it. Blaming others for our own downfalls is a bunch of a boloney. It's your life - take charge of it. Be yourself. Be happy with who you are.  Stop picking on other people. Let's teach the younger people that rumours are not okay. Teach this generation to lift others up, even if we are feeling down.

Rant over. 

friends, great minds think a like

Back to School: In my Bag

Back to School: In my Bag

Back to school is around the corner for most or already started for some. After 2 degrees and 2 years of teaching I have come to realize the important must haves in my bag to take on the day!  The best part is everything is under $50!!!

One of the most necessary things is a bag or backpack - a sensible one people. It needs to fit your life. The worst things is lugging around a purse, a bag, and a laptop - plus a hand full of books. Be sensible when finding a bag for school. A neutral cool toned bag like this Charlotte Russe bag that will hold everything you need. Next, tech options! An iPad is great for taking notes, uploading texts, and easier than standing in line for a laptop on the campus library; not to mention, it is a heck of a lot lighter in your bag. Your shoulder will thank you later. A USB stick like this one just adds a bit of piazza while you upload your millions of papers. Another important part is keeping up your energy and your health. It is so easy to eat out. Instead grab a nutrition bar like this one that comes in different flavours and helps to boost your energy and satisfy your hunger. 

Testing Personalities

My name is Amanda and I am Type-A. 
* Pause for response* "Hi Amanda." 

Without any doubt of my being I am a strong full-bodied Type-A personality and I ain't afraid to show it….unless someone calls me bossy (oops). 
Recently, I took part in a personality test based on colours. For some people, it was eye opening - not realizing they weren't as spontaneous as they thought they were. For others like me, it solidified exactly what I know about myself.  What it did show though was how to work together with other people. It broaden my understanding of others, even those closest to me. The theory behind it is that once you have a deeper understanding the other person's personality that conflict levels can decrease. 

This personality test provides you a simple scoring process and explanation of each colour. It was so much fun, I came home and gave it to Matthew. After he read the colours, he looks at me and goes…"So, you are obviously Gold". You betcha' bottom dollar I am. But, like most I have a little bit of everything in me. Gold was just my predominant colour.

No matter what your colour is, if we can find ways to work together better, whether at home or work, it can certainly make life easier and hopefully more fun. 

What colour do you think you will be? What colour are you actually? 

Here is the link to the True Colours Personality Test


Out of the Box

Branching out of our comfort zone can be super duper hard. But, what if you did? What if you took a chance on something or someone new? I took a chance with my life and it has been so rewarding. At least once a month I encourage myself to try something new, to get outside of my comfort zone! Lately, I have been trying at least once a week. Whether it is a new food or recipe, a new make up look, attend a new event, or trying a new pass time. It doesn't have to be huge and life altering, but it is a huge step in living a more authentic and inspiringly positive life. 

This month I am trying a new gym. I received a gift certificate for a trail at this luxury gym in my area. Well, while I am there I am putting myself out there and getting excited about it. I have decided to try learning tennis (the proper way) and attempt to do a spinning class (which terrifies my not-so-fit bum). I am also going to try to converse with at least one new person a day. Why, you may ask. I think a better question is why not? Trying something new can lead to new doors, opportunities, and relationships I may never get to experience if I don't try! Taking a risk is rewarding, no matter the outcome, which I have mentioned before

What is something you would love to do outside of your comfort zone? What makes you hold back? 

Expenses into Income

Expenses into Income with Arbonne
Brushes || Foundation || Shampoo & Conditioner || Baby Rash Cream || Deep Cleansing Mask || Blush || Sleep Spray || Lip Liner || Lip Gloss || Anti-Ageing RE9 Facial Set || Healthy Living Set

What is Arbonne? Arbonne is a Switzerland formulated, American made company that produces high quality, safe, pure, and beneficial products that we all use on a daily basis. Products like Cosmetics, Skin care for all ages and skin types, Bath and Body products, Fragrances, and Nutrition Support products.

Why I chose Arbonne? Many people questioned why I started with Arbonne many months ago, but the answer was simple. Arbonne offered me an opportunity to turn a daily household expense into an income, use amazing products that I was already obsessed with, and meet a world of people that are nurturing and supportive to one another. Arbonne creates a team that lifts each other up, both within the company and our daily lives. It has given me and so many others many opportunities that a standard job may not have. I have the choice to work from home and as often or as little as I want to. I can be my own boss and make friends along the way. For me, Arbonne was thinking outside of the box, taking a leap of faith, and falling into an amazing company. I was able to take an expense that everyone has and earn income from it. For me it's not about selling anything - I teach people to order from their own online shop and have your products directly delivered to the front door.

How can I become apart of Arbonne?  I would gladly answer any questions about the products or business you may have. Samples? Just ask! There are 3 ways you can become a part of Arbonne and take this journey with me. The first is becoming a shopper through purchasing any of the products, second becoming a preferred client which will give you 20% discount off the products and exclusive offers, or become a consultant. Being a consultant you receive 35% off the products and income based on sales!

Get the Job: Look the Part

Get the job, look the part

Once you have a time and date set for an interview, you need to make sure that you look the part. Dressing for an interview can be super stressful and leave you feeling more nervous. There are a few key things to think about when creating a look for an interview: Do I look professional for the position I applied for? Am I comfortable in what I am wearing? Your answer to both questions should be yes!

Looking professional and appropriate is so important. Doing this lets the people you are meeting with know you are serious about looking for a job and are respectful of the nature of the position you applied for. If you show up looking messy or not put-together people can often get the wrong first impression - and unfortunately with an interview you only get one chance. Think about how you would want to look in that position. How do you want people to perceive you then create your outfit accordingly. Similarly, don't over do it. Wearing a 3 piece suit or a formal dress to apply for a job in a local shop or restaurant may be a bit much. So, again know what you applied for.

As you plan your outfit for the day, make sure you are comfortable. This means not picking or at your clothes or hair. If you are uncomfortable, it's extremely likely the interviewer will pick up on that and can make you more nervous. Wear something that suits you and represents you.

Overall, remember you already got an interview - that is a HUGE set in reaching your goal and nailing the job. The interview is a necessary stepping stone needed to show you are serious and looking forward to working in your chosen field. 

The Giving of Friendship

Living life for ourselves is extremely important not only for our own well-being, but also for others around us. If we are happier and more accepting of ourselves, we can then reciprocate those feelings to others. The people we chose to have in our positive fulfilled life are the people who love us and want us to be our happiest. It is these people we need to shower with love, admiration, and duplicate the support. Take time out of your day to make them feel special - to let them know you are thinking about them. Even the smallest little act can brighten their day. 

Send them a text just letting them know you are thinking about them. Or surprise them with their favourite tea or coffee. Send them a cookie basket or fruit basket just to be thoughtful. Mail them a sweet note detailing why you are thankful for them in your life. Do something to make someone else feel good will in turn make you feel just as good. 

And if your lucky to live everyday with your best friend (my husband), hug them and remind them how much you love them and that everyday they make your life brighter and better. 

Getting Over Failure

News flash: Everyone fails. 
Today, I want to talk about failing forward and gracefully. Our society has led us to believe that failing is a "bad thing". But, it's not. It is a step in the learning process. 
This is why we need to change our thinking and outlook on things in life. If we don't get the outcome we desire in a situation, we need to take a step back and look at the experience. What made the situation not work? What could I do differently next time?

I believe that is the key to failing gracefully - being self-reflective. Taking a look at our journey critically and being able to learn for it.  Through self-reflection you will become confident enough to say "Well, that didn't work. This time I will…". Doing this gives you the power over the situation and the outcome. Make steps of how you can overcome this obstacle. Don't feel embarrassed by it, move on. If you show people that you don't care about the little hiccup in your path - they won't either. Focus on the future and your next steps and everyone will follow. 

It is all about changing your mind set. Making a negative a positive!

I love this motivational video from Endless Motivation on YouTube:

Mom's Zucchini Bread Recipe

Last week I post about this beautiful woman who passed away of Cancer in June. I believe in keeping memories of our loved ones alive. A memory I will always cherish is our times we spent baking, specifically her prized Zucchini Bread recipe. Oh my gracious! It is seriously heaven in a loaf.  Every summer, around this time, she would spend an entire day baking loaves upon loaves of this zucchini bread with the largest zucchinis fresh from the garden. As these babies are baking away in the oven the sweet cinnamony scent begins to fill the home. To me a scent of comfort, tradition, and memories that I am happy to pass on to you and your home.

So in honour of my dear Mother-in-Law, I am sharing with you her recipe: 

2 ½ Cups Flour
2 tsp. Baking Powder
1 tsp. Baking Soda
1 tsp. Salt                
3 tsp. Cinnamon  
3 Eggs
½ Cup White Sugar
1 Cup Brown Sugar
½ Cup Oil
½ Cup Unsweetened Apple Sauce
2 Cups Deseeded and Grated Zucchini
2 tsp. Vanilla Extract
½ Cup Milk
1 Cup Chocolate Chips or Yellow Raisins (optional)

 Heat oven to 325 F. Beat eggs until frothy. Stir in sugars, oil, apple sauce, zucchini, vanilla, and milk. Combine all dry ingredients then stir into zucchini mixture. Stir in optional ingredient. Pour mixture into 2 well greased and floured loaf pans. Bake for 1 hour. Let cool for 10 minutes and remove from pan.  Serve, eat, and enjoy! Or freeze and enjoy at a later date!

**Note: Made best with large oversized zucchini fresh from the garden.**


xoxo Amanda

Goals on Goals

Where do you see yourself in one year? How about five years? Ten?

These can be scary questions if we don't know the answer to them. But, the scarier question might be:

If you keep doing what your doing, where will you be in (insert time slot)
Do you like what you see? 

The most important aspect of answering these questions is having a plan: goals. I am constantly making a list of goals in every aspect of my life: marriage, career, financial, weight, relationships…even organizing. If we don't set ourselves goals we can easily loose track of ourselves and where we want to go/be in life. 

How to set goals: 
1. Decide on what you want to work towards. Pick something you know will make an aspect you your life better and more fulfilled. 

2. Write it down and put where you can see it. You this as a constant reminder for you. 

3. Tell someone else. Doing this give you a bigger sense of accountability and support in reaching your goals.

4. Break it down into parts, so that it is more realistic and attainable. What things, people, or situations do you need to have in your life to achieve these goals?  

5. Plan for milestones rather than deadline. Even the smallest milestone towards your goal is cause to celebrate!! 

6. Accept and rearrange. If an obstacle enters your way, read this and move on!

4 Must Reads to Be a Better You

Today, I am sharing 5 inspirational life changing books that are prefect for beginning a new outlook on your life. So, grab a tea and a cozy spot to snuggle up and read.

1. "The Flip Flop CEO" by Janine Finney, Lory Muirhead, & Whitney Roberts. An inspirational book that explores how to give yourself an edge while growing yourself and a business. Life is examined through the lens of network marketing, but offers so much more. The book focuses on being a better person and your authentic self.

2. "The Seven Decisions" by Andy Andrews. Andrews explores the concept of success through 7 principles to leading a more extraordinary life. Consider this a resource and tool for making changes in your life and how to do it successfully.

3. "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. The book forces you to be present and active in your life, while presenting the skills needed to find your truest deepest self. Allow this book to help you find peace and acceptance in your life.

4. "The Go Giver" by Bob Burg. A story about ambition and reaching goals. The character learns that changing his focus and putting others first can bring even greater successes.

7 Ways to Get a Restful Sleep

There are some days where I literally feel like running a marathon at 2 am. But, when that alarm clock goes off at 8am, I am a huge grump! We need sleep to live a health and happy lifestyle. A restful sleep is one of the most common forms of prevention and treatment from a lot of illness. 

1. Set a time. 
Remember when Mommy and Daddy would say it was bedtime, pretend they are still there calling you into bed at that given time. Having a regular bedtime put your body into a routine, which also helps you wake up more easily. 

2. Get the 8. 
Plan your bedtime and alarm time to endure you get at least 8 hours. Unless your me, sometimes feeling like I need 10. 

3. Shut off the screen. 
Facebook, twitter, snapchat, iMessages, surfing. All of it needs to stop at least one hour before bed. Doing this will allow your mind time to decompress. The screens and activities wake our brains up - so if your trying to sleep…that a tad counterproductive. 

4. Make your bed. 
Having a bed that is made makes it feel like a treat to crawl into. It's not messy and all tousled about. Its fresh and clean, who wouldn't want to climb in? 

5. Spritz a Scent. 
Find a scent that is relaxing or calming to you. I love this Sleep Well Spray, which has calming scents like chamomile and contains melatonin. Spritz a scent on your pillow or sheets. 

6. Pillow picking. 
I know for me, the pillow makes all the difference. Too hard, too soft. You need just right. Go pillow shopping and find the pillow you like. Find something that keeps your neck muscles relaxed. I love a medium firm pillow like this one by Westin. But, take the time to get it right for you. 

7. Lay.
Lay there. Be still and close your eyes. Try to shut your mind off of everything you have to do the next day or in the next month. Be present in the moment and let your body take control of your mind.

Dreamcatcher VS. Dreamstealer

Society is always telling us who we should be, how to act, how to dress, and what to do with our futures. We live in a world where we are always trying to be people pleasers, caring about what others think of us or constantly trying to keep with the Joneses.
There are 2 types of people: Dreamcatchers & Dreamstealers. How we allow these people to effect us is important to becoming the best version of yourself and reaching your dreams. 

Dreamcatchers. No, not the Native American handmade kind. These are people who catch us and support us. Like the Native American kind, these people bring positivity to our dreams and goals. They filter all our bad thoughts and lift us up. These people care for us whole-heartedly for who we truly are.

Dreamstealers. These are people that discourage you from achieving your dreams, making us feel guilty, bad, but most of all small. They take the sparkle out of us. If you think you have a Dreamstealer in your life look at this exercise

Allow the negative people to fuel you, not discourage you. Prove them wrong. Take what they say and let it ignite a passion and a drive to reach your goals and dreams. Control your reaction to what they say by letting it bounce off you. I know, easier said than done. But, truthfully this is the best life lesson I have learned. Many times the reason they push their limitations and views on you is out of control. When need to understand that we have control of ourselves and our lives. We should not want to be like someone else; we should want to be ourselves. 

Chase your dreams. No matter how big or small. No matter what people say. 

xoxox Amanda

Authentic You

Authentic you. The REAL you. The unedited. The unphotoshoped. The inexuseable. The unfiltered YOU. 

I strive in my daily life to be my authentic self. Being the BEST version of myself I can possibly be. Someone who says what I need to say and do what I need to do, without feeling the pressure of acceptance from everyone else. What it truly boils down to is - self-acceptance. 

Once you can say I love myself with all my flaws, defaults, issues, and luggage, we are then able to become our authentic selves. There are so many steps to self-acceptance, but we need to begin with being honest with ourselves about where we are and where we want to go in our lives. We need to be able to look at our life through a nurturing critical eye and say: "This isn't making me _________". If something is stopping you from reaching a goal, fulfilling a passion, or making a dream come true YOU need to be honest with yourself. Stop trying to wait around to see if something gets "better". Take charge of yourself and your life. Make yourself happy and be okay with admitting you may not be in a good place, right now. That's the first step. Take it. Be okay with saying: "This is who I am". Don't apologize for it. If people in your self are stopping this do the factor 5 exercise again. Love yourself and work at being the best you can possibly be. 

This is Me:
I love to teach 
I am a dreamer
 I am sometimes childish
 I can be overly emotional
I am a girly girl
I fall into love too fast and too hard 
 I can be judgemental 
     I struggle with trust issues…DAILY
  I have suitcases of emotional baggage that I think made me who I am
I do not apologize for who I am and who I have become because I am the happiest and healthiest version of myself. 

What Surrounds Us….

I believe that the people we chose to surround ourselves with affects who we are. If we surround ourselves with negative people, we too will become negative. And who likes to feel negative or gloomy? I know I don't. When I begin to feel this way I literally feel gross.

This is an exercise someone made me down a few months ago and I couldn't be more thankful!! 

The 5 Factor

Step 1: One a blank piece of paper list 5 of the closest people to you. Friends, family, colleagues, etc. Make sure to leave a good amount of space between the names. 

Step 2: Go through each person writing down things you like or value about each person. 

Step 3: Repeat step 2, but writing down things you do not like about each person. 

Step 4: For each person write at least 2 things they bring to your life and you as a person. 

Step 5: Analyze your list. And ask yourself the following 5 questions…
1. Does this person have a positive or negative effect on my life and me as a person?
2. Do I have more positives about this person than negatives? 
3. Do I admire this person?
4. Does this person make me want to be a better person? 
5. Am I my absolute honest self with this person or would I feel judged?

At the end of this exercise you will have analyzed who your support system is and exactly how they support you. Thank those people in your life and let them know you appreciate them. For those you may have realized are not there for your best interest, give a hard look at that relationship. Do they need to be in your life? How can you change your relationship with them and do you want to? Remembering that YOU deserve a happy and passion-filled life.