10 Affordable Dates Before Summer Ends

                          10 Dates Before Summer Ends

1. S'Mores 
If you have a fire pit, whip out some sticks and cosy up to your loved one to make each other a delicious S'More. If you are like us and your backyard is under construction, get a tabletop S'Mores maker. We love ours someone gifted us as a house warming gift. It makes the perfectly sweet date night in.

2. Beach Bums 
Day or night visit the beach. Walk a local pier then sit and watch the waves. Even better, grab a blanket and add number 3 to your beach date.

3. Wine & Cheese 
Pick out a local or favourite wine with some delicious cheeses. We love visiting local wineries and picking up a bottle to enjoy together.

4. Dinner for 2 
Cook and set-up a special dinner for 2. There are so many recipes out there that you can try that can save money and are delicious. Set the scene at home where the 2 of you can enjoy each others company without any distractions. Candles, dim lights, each other and tasty foods can go a long way.

5. Local Attraction
Visit a local attraction. Many museums are not very expensive or often offer discounted rates to locals. Thankfully we live near a huge attraction that we can play tourists any chance we can. Find something in your area. Playing tourist can not only be fun, but you can learn a lot of things you may have never even known!

6. Picnic 
Since summer weather is still here, take advantage of it. Visit a farmers market or pack a lunch then picnic in the park.
7. Freshly Picked 
We live in an area where fruit picking is in abundance. It is super inexpensive to find an orchard and pick your own fruits. One for the basket and one for your mouth! (Oops)
8. Take in a Game
Cheer on a local game or a stadium game. Who cares where you sit, its about the company you are with. Grab cheap seats or watch a little leagues game.
9. Karaoke
Get adventurous together at a karaoke night. Find a duet to sing together. If your together it will make it less embarrassing because you can be silly together.
10. X Marks the Spot 
Plan a scavenger hunt for your spouse with something special at the end for the 2 of your to do. Whether at home or around the city. Although, it takes some planning, it is so fun. If you do it around the city, chose spots that are significant to you as a couple. Doing this can remind you of precious moments and memories.

Overall, a date night should be about spending time with the one you love. Embracing, loving, and sharing with each other….or just being silly!