4 Must Reads to Be a Better You

Today, I am sharing 5 inspirational life changing books that are prefect for beginning a new outlook on your life. So, grab a tea and a cozy spot to snuggle up and read.

1. "The Flip Flop CEO" by Janine Finney, Lory Muirhead, & Whitney Roberts. An inspirational book that explores how to give yourself an edge while growing yourself and a business. Life is examined through the lens of network marketing, but offers so much more. The book focuses on being a better person and your authentic self.

2. "The Seven Decisions" by Andy Andrews. Andrews explores the concept of success through 7 principles to leading a more extraordinary life. Consider this a resource and tool for making changes in your life and how to do it successfully.

3. "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. The book forces you to be present and active in your life, while presenting the skills needed to find your truest deepest self. Allow this book to help you find peace and acceptance in your life.

4. "The Go Giver" by Bob Burg. A story about ambition and reaching goals. The character learns that changing his focus and putting others first can bring even greater successes.