7 Ways to Get a Restful Sleep

There are some days where I literally feel like running a marathon at 2 am. But, when that alarm clock goes off at 8am, I am a huge grump! We need sleep to live a health and happy lifestyle. A restful sleep is one of the most common forms of prevention and treatment from a lot of illness. 

1. Set a time. 
Remember when Mommy and Daddy would say it was bedtime, pretend they are still there calling you into bed at that given time. Having a regular bedtime put your body into a routine, which also helps you wake up more easily. 

2. Get the 8. 
Plan your bedtime and alarm time to endure you get at least 8 hours. Unless your me, sometimes feeling like I need 10. 

3. Shut off the screen. 
Facebook, twitter, snapchat, iMessages, surfing. All of it needs to stop at least one hour before bed. Doing this will allow your mind time to decompress. The screens and activities wake our brains up - so if your trying to sleep…that a tad counterproductive. 

4. Make your bed. 
Having a bed that is made makes it feel like a treat to crawl into. It's not messy and all tousled about. Its fresh and clean, who wouldn't want to climb in? 

5. Spritz a Scent. 
Find a scent that is relaxing or calming to you. I love this Sleep Well Spray, which has calming scents like chamomile and contains melatonin. Spritz a scent on your pillow or sheets. 

6. Pillow picking. 
I know for me, the pillow makes all the difference. Too hard, too soft. You need just right. Go pillow shopping and find the pillow you like. Find something that keeps your neck muscles relaxed. I love a medium firm pillow like this one by Westin. But, take the time to get it right for you. 

7. Lay.
Lay there. Be still and close your eyes. Try to shut your mind off of everything you have to do the next day or in the next month. Be present in the moment and let your body take control of your mind.