Authentic You

Authentic you. The REAL you. The unedited. The unphotoshoped. The inexuseable. The unfiltered YOU. 

I strive in my daily life to be my authentic self. Being the BEST version of myself I can possibly be. Someone who says what I need to say and do what I need to do, without feeling the pressure of acceptance from everyone else. What it truly boils down to is - self-acceptance. 

Once you can say I love myself with all my flaws, defaults, issues, and luggage, we are then able to become our authentic selves. There are so many steps to self-acceptance, but we need to begin with being honest with ourselves about where we are and where we want to go in our lives. We need to be able to look at our life through a nurturing critical eye and say: "This isn't making me _________". If something is stopping you from reaching a goal, fulfilling a passion, or making a dream come true YOU need to be honest with yourself. Stop trying to wait around to see if something gets "better". Take charge of yourself and your life. Make yourself happy and be okay with admitting you may not be in a good place, right now. That's the first step. Take it. Be okay with saying: "This is who I am". Don't apologize for it. If people in your self are stopping this do the factor 5 exercise again. Love yourself and work at being the best you can possibly be. 

This is Me:
I love to teach 
I am a dreamer
 I am sometimes childish
 I can be overly emotional
I am a girly girl
I fall into love too fast and too hard 
 I can be judgemental 
     I struggle with trust issues…DAILY
  I have suitcases of emotional baggage that I think made me who I am
I do not apologize for who I am and who I have become because I am the happiest and healthiest version of myself.