Conquering Mornings

I am not a morning person. Never have been. 

I have always been the person that:
 sets 129860 alarms in the morning
snoozes the 129860 alarms 
has to coach myself to exit the warm grip of my bed
gets out at the last minute before I am actually going to be late 
rushes around angrily that I am going to be late
refuses to hold an conversation until I arrive at my morning destination

All in all, not a morning person. I love sleep and always am well rested. But, this endless routine was a runt. I was grumpy and not eating right.  And, well marrying a super morning lover kind of has forced me to deal with my issue.  

However, I have stumbled upon ways to tease myself into being AM lover. 

Now, I set one alarm. I know if I miss it, I am late. 
Being late is my ultimate pet peeve and actually gives me horrible anxiety when I am ever late. 

Morning alarm
The alarm (aka my trusty cellular device) is placed out of reach, so I physically have to open my eyes and move from my sweet slumber position. 

The alarm I set gives me enough time to properly get ready without running around like an angry chicken.

While getting ready, I splash my face with cold water. This not only wakes me up, but also wakes the skin up to look more refreshed (bonus)!

I try to put something in my stomach to jump start my metabolism. Usually I stick with a protein shake and my daily vitamins.

Now instead of a pep talk to get myself out of bed, I chat with myself or my husband about all the things I plan on accomplishing that day.

I have been able to conquer mornings leaving the house to start my day with a more happier mentality and overall mood.
getting up early