Filling Your Happy Tank


Often, especially thanks to social media, we are constantly wanting the validation from other people. We are continually checking our pins, shares, and likes. Then after we feel the need to measure ourselves against those other profiles of people we hold up on some imaginary pedestal.

Finding happiness and successes in our own life needs to take precedence to fill our happy tank. When we compare ourselves and constantly try to find validation in other people it often fails and is short lived.

Look at your own life through a positive lens. What are you happy about in your life? What have you done or overcome? Your experiences are unique in every way. They cannot be compare to someone else because you are unique. Our lives can never be duplicatable because of the amazing uniqueness we each have. So, with that in mind why do we try so hard to duplicate others? Being authentic selves is surest way to fill our happy tank and be positive and active in our own lives!

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