Getting Over Failure

News flash: Everyone fails. 
Today, I want to talk about failing forward and gracefully. Our society has led us to believe that failing is a "bad thing". But, it's not. It is a step in the learning process. 
This is why we need to change our thinking and outlook on things in life. If we don't get the outcome we desire in a situation, we need to take a step back and look at the experience. What made the situation not work? What could I do differently next time?

I believe that is the key to failing gracefully - being self-reflective. Taking a look at our journey critically and being able to learn for it.  Through self-reflection you will become confident enough to say "Well, that didn't work. This time I will…". Doing this gives you the power over the situation and the outcome. Make steps of how you can overcome this obstacle. Don't feel embarrassed by it, move on. If you show people that you don't care about the little hiccup in your path - they won't either. Focus on the future and your next steps and everyone will follow. 

It is all about changing your mind set. Making a negative a positive!

I love this motivational video from Endless Motivation on YouTube: