Goals on Goals

Where do you see yourself in one year? How about five years? Ten?

These can be scary questions if we don't know the answer to them. But, the scarier question might be:

If you keep doing what your doing, where will you be in (insert time slot)
Do you like what you see? 

The most important aspect of answering these questions is having a plan: goals. I am constantly making a list of goals in every aspect of my life: marriage, career, financial, weight, relationships…even organizing. If we don't set ourselves goals we can easily loose track of ourselves and where we want to go/be in life. 

How to set goals: 
1. Decide on what you want to work towards. Pick something you know will make an aspect you your life better and more fulfilled. 

2. Write it down and put where you can see it. You this as a constant reminder for you. 

3. Tell someone else. Doing this give you a bigger sense of accountability and support in reaching your goals.

4. Break it down into parts, so that it is more realistic and attainable. What things, people, or situations do you need to have in your life to achieve these goals?  

5. Plan for milestones rather than deadline. Even the smallest milestone towards your goal is cause to celebrate!! 

6. Accept and rearrange. If an obstacle enters your way, read this and move on!