Out of the Box

Branching out of our comfort zone can be super duper hard. But, what if you did? What if you took a chance on something or someone new? I took a chance with my life and it has been so rewarding. At least once a month I encourage myself to try something new, to get outside of my comfort zone! Lately, I have been trying at least once a week. Whether it is a new food or recipe, a new make up look, attend a new event, or trying a new pass time. It doesn't have to be huge and life altering, but it is a huge step in living a more authentic and inspiringly positive life. 

This month I am trying a new gym. I received a gift certificate for a trail at this luxury gym in my area. Well, while I am there I am putting myself out there and getting excited about it. I have decided to try learning tennis (the proper way) and attempt to do a spinning class (which terrifies my not-so-fit bum). I am also going to try to converse with at least one new person a day. Why, you may ask. I think a better question is why not? Trying something new can lead to new doors, opportunities, and relationships I may never get to experience if I don't try! Taking a risk is rewarding, no matter the outcome, which I have mentioned before

What is something you would love to do outside of your comfort zone? What makes you hold back?