Skin Care Crimes 101

After years of battling every possible skin concern, I have happily established a skin care routine that leaves my skin healthy and radiant. After meeting with dermatologists and aestheticians, in addition to taking skin care lessons I have learned the benefits a good skin care routine can have.

Fail 1. Wash Me
Think about never washing your hands. Ewwww, gross, all those germs and bacteria. So why do people neglect washing their face. Washing your face properly ensures that you remove any build up of oils, makeup, pollution, sweat, and just general dirt. These impurities enter the pore and follicle creating a build up, which just leads to pimples and spots that no one wants. You need to wash your face properly to remove these impurities and have more fresh healthy looking skin. Using a good cleanser that works for your skin is super important.
Helpful Tip: Some cleansers contain toner in it, which can help you skip a step in the routine. 
Personal Favourite: RE9 Smoothing Anti-Aging Cleanser

Fail 2. Too Harsh of a Cleanser
Sometimes cleansers can be too drying and too harsh for our skin, which can cause more damage than you may think. If a product is too harsh it can lead to stripping the skin of all the natural and good oils, which causes break outs and more production of oils. The key is to clean the skin without over drying the skin. 
Helpful Tip If your skin feel tight after washing your face, your cleanser is over drying your face and not right for you! 

Fail 3. Not Using a Toner 
I know a lot of people skip this step in their skin care routine, mostly because they don't know why it is important. For starters, it helps to restore the ph balance of the skin and adds hydration. Toner also helps to remove any oils or dirt that may have been missed after washing your face. But, even better it aids in prepping the skin to absorb any serums, treatments, and moisturizers.
Helpful Tip: If the product contains alcohol, it is an astringent not a toner. 
Personal Favourite: RE9 Regenerating Toner

Fail 4. What is a serum? 
Serums or treatments are the glitter to your skin care system. These are highly concentrated active ingredients that help the skin look its very best. For example, if you have an anti-aging skin care routine, a serum would be the most effective ingredient in that system.
Helpful Tip: Use a serum that targets the specific benefits you want (i.e - anti-aging, firming, restoring, acne help).
Personal Favourite: Genius Nightly  Resurfacing Pads & Solution 

Fail 5. Gimmie Some Hydration 
Moisturizer is essential part of your skincare routine. Hydrated skins helps create a radiant healthy glow to the skin and leave it feeling soft. Dry skin can make your makeup look flake more easily, which I am sure was not the look you were going for. Adding a moisturizer and drinking plenty of water helps to add hydration to the skin.
Helpful Tip: Find a day moisturizer with SPF in it, so you can skip the sunscreen step. 
Personal Favourite: Rejuvenating Cream 

Fail 6. Exfoliating Too Often 
Over exfoliating can result in doing the same as using a harsh cleanser. Exfoliating once a week is generally the rule of thumb.