Testing Personalities

My name is Amanda and I am Type-A. 
* Pause for response* "Hi Amanda." 

Without any doubt of my being I am a strong full-bodied Type-A personality and I ain't afraid to show it….unless someone calls me bossy (oops). 
Recently, I took part in a personality test based on colours. For some people, it was eye opening - not realizing they weren't as spontaneous as they thought they were. For others like me, it solidified exactly what I know about myself.  What it did show though was how to work together with other people. It broaden my understanding of others, even those closest to me. The theory behind it is that once you have a deeper understanding the other person's personality that conflict levels can decrease. 

This personality test provides you a simple scoring process and explanation of each colour. It was so much fun, I came home and gave it to Matthew. After he read the colours, he looks at me and goes…"So, you are obviously Gold". You betcha' bottom dollar I am. But, like most I have a little bit of everything in me. Gold was just my predominant colour.

No matter what your colour is, if we can find ways to work together better, whether at home or work, it can certainly make life easier and hopefully more fun. 

What colour do you think you will be? What colour are you actually? 

Here is the link to the True Colours Personality Test