What Surrounds Us….

I believe that the people we chose to surround ourselves with affects who we are. If we surround ourselves with negative people, we too will become negative. And who likes to feel negative or gloomy? I know I don't. When I begin to feel this way I literally feel gross.

This is an exercise someone made me down a few months ago and I couldn't be more thankful!! 

The 5 Factor

Step 1: One a blank piece of paper list 5 of the closest people to you. Friends, family, colleagues, etc. Make sure to leave a good amount of space between the names. 

Step 2: Go through each person writing down things you like or value about each person. 

Step 3: Repeat step 2, but writing down things you do not like about each person. 

Step 4: For each person write at least 2 things they bring to your life and you as a person. 

Step 5: Analyze your list. And ask yourself the following 5 questions…
1. Does this person have a positive or negative effect on my life and me as a person?
2. Do I have more positives about this person than negatives? 
3. Do I admire this person?
4. Does this person make me want to be a better person? 
5. Am I my absolute honest self with this person or would I feel judged?

At the end of this exercise you will have analyzed who your support system is and exactly how they support you. Thank those people in your life and let them know you appreciate them. For those you may have realized are not there for your best interest, give a hard look at that relationship. Do they need to be in your life? How can you change your relationship with them and do you want to? Remembering that YOU deserve a happy and passion-filled life.