Keeping Up with Life

Life can get hectic in the blink of an eye. Sometimes I feel like there is a calm and then all of a sudden the wind of life picks up and messes my calmness right up! As a very type-A person, I need schedules. I need and thrive on organization. So naturally, I have established amazing ways to organize my life to ensure I have full control of it. I am currently in the process of organizing and decorating our home office, so I have been loving stationary purchases.

Staying Organized
Paper Clips || Swarovski Pen (sold out), other favourites here ||Post-it Notes or Note Pad

The first thing I must have and buy in advance of the year ahead is a planner. A good planner has a space to write things for each day PLUS has a month view calendar with space for the day. I use both to schedule appointments and meetings, but use the daily sections to note chores or important notes. I can not go anywhere without my planner near by. I know a lot of people us the calendar on their phone, but for some reason it just doesn't cut it for me. I need a paper and pen planner to feel organized. When filling out my calendar, I use these multi coloured pens. Each colour attributes to a specific life event or person. For example, orange is banking and bills while red is my husbands schedule and blue is mine. Colour coding your schedule helps to ensure that at a quick look you know what is going on and nothing gets mixed up.

I have also mastered list making. I use list pads for things I need to pick up from that day or at the grocery store. Lists can also be helpful for daily tasks for those who do not prefer to take around a day planner. I always have note pads like this one around for jotting down notes and ideas for my lists.

Getting My Grape on at the Festival

As I have mentioned here before, I live near an abundance of wineries. A mini northern Napa Valley if you will. This past weekend was the highlight of any wine lovers year, the annual Niagara Wine Festival, also known to locals as Grape & Wine. This festival draws in tons of tourists and visitors, in addition to making locals get off the couch and out on the town. The festival is fun-filled with live music, delicious food stands, and of course tons of wine. Over 40 different wineries in the region participate in the festival. The large local park fills with herds of people both intoxicated and not, often dressed in purple.

This weekend we headed down to the park to enjoy the festivities and get our grape on....

My Fav Wines of the festival: 
Tawse Winery - Riesling 
Rockway Vineyards - Patio 9 White
Fielding Estate Winery - Cabernet Merlot

Hair Tips & Tricks from a Control Freak

When it comes to my luscious locks, I am the biggest control freak. For me my hair is my security blanket that requires a lot of trust when put in the hands of others. When I meet a hair stylist for the first time, you would think I am interviewing them to be president or something from my interrogation. But, if I am going to hand you over a piece of me I need to know everything about you, your Mom, your cousin, in addition to your skills. Just kidding...but not really (ha ha). I freak right the heck out walking into a salon, my heart pumps and my eyes are on high alert as if I am walking through a dark and scary forest. Thankfully, my anxiety has diminished a little now that I have committed to my stylist. However, since I am so controlling of who and what touches my hair, I have also tested out numerous products that help to keep my hair in tip-top shape.


I try to wash my hair about every other day, since over washing can cause breakage! My trick to keeping my blonde locks bright and luminous is the "purple-people-eater", or as normal people call it purple shampoo. Purple shampoo ensures that your blonde locks stay blonde and don't turn brassy or yellow, essentially acting like a toner. Even if your a natural blonde, using purple shampoo will help keep your hair brighter. My all-time favourite, cannot live without is this purple shampoo for every other wash and this one on a regular basis.


Once a week I use a hair masque to help build moisture and restore strength from my years of colouring. This masque also keeps my hair shiny without buildup or giving my hair any greasy feeling some masques leave. For conditioner, I like to use this one or this one which are both for colour-treated hair. I like to leave it on for pretty much the whole shower really concentrating the product on the ends.  After I get out of the shower, I spray a few squirts of this leave-in conditioner to help detangle my hair, so I can get a brush through it more easily. 

Protecting & Styling

Protecting your hair from heat damage is huge for happy and healthy hair. I use this Living Proof Heat Protection spray, which smells so delicious. I apply this prior to using any heated styling tools or  if I am going to be laying in the sun as it also protects against UV rays! Before I blow-dry, I apply a pea size amount of this thickening serum to add some volume and fullness. One thing about this serum, you must blow-dry to see results. After a complete my deserved look I like to finish off with a  this Aveeda Dry Remedy oil or with a spray of this hairspray. I mainly use Dry Remedy oil to create a smoothed luscious after a blow-dry. 


Good brushes are essential to creating your desired hair looks. I use the Tangle Teezer and a wide-toothed comb on my wet hair. You do not want to be using a regular brush that you will try ripping through your knots - that my dear is causing all your breakage and is darn painful! As I blow-dry I use a paddle brush like this one to give some backing and direction to the air from the blowdryer. Sectioning your hair off using sectioning clips to ensure all your hair, even at the root, is dry. Around the crown and face I round brush my hair to add more volume. I prefer using a ceramic round brush to reduce any frizz. Also, a little blowdrying trick is to use heat to bend the hair and using the cool function to set that bend you created! 

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you have a fabulous weekend full of good hair! 

Autumn Ready in Fashion, Home, Beauty

Autumn has officially arrived! I have packed away my sandals, brought out my hunters and favourite booties. Closed up our swimming pool and traded it in for snuggly blankets and fall inspired candles. My bright pinks have been traded in for masalas and deep purples. My fashion, home, and beauty essentials are ready to rock and roll this Autumn. Now to buy a rake!

Autumn Fashion

Cardigan || Woven Poncho || Plaid Poncho || Cheetah Flat || Hunter Boots (Cheaper version here) 

Autumn in the Home

Autumn Inspired Beauty

Bachelorette Shenanigans

A few weeks ago we had this stunning wedding. But, the week before that we took the bride-to-be out on the town with a bunch of girls planned by her maid of honour. 

Now, many of bachelorette parties I have been to end with the bride completely incapacitated as the result of shots from a bar or off some sort of body part from a male strippers body. To each their own. Our group decided to keep things rather PG, minus a small stint of my hoping on a stripper pole in the limo, which if you say was a lot less rated R and more so a Family Comedy. 
(My legs respect every adult dancer out there. People, it is not joke.). 

We started our day at the most adorable flower farm. When I first heard we were doing this- I wasn't exactly on board considering the heat wave we were having at the time. But, once there I got my head around it and thanked the owner for the air conditioned room we were led to. We made these stunning flower crowns all by ourselves from the farm's selection of fresh scented stems. We let our creativity shine....

With crowns in hand, we headed over to a local winery for a private tour and tasting. Simply delicious. My favourite of the day was this perfect wine for a summer day! 

As the evening began to set in, we went to the hotel for dinner and were joined by a psychic who did a reading on each of us. Such a cool and different experience. After a few games, we all climbed into our pjs and call it a night. I love girly get-togethers whether for a bachelorette or not. Being with a group of girls can be rather hectic or chaotic, but girl time is always much needed in my book. 

My lesson from this day: its okay to think out of the box, let loose, and I need to work on my leg muscles AND should probably keep my day job! 

(Photography by S. Murrel)

3 Me Time Must Haves

I love a little "Me" time every now and then. Sometimes between daily chaos and chores, life stresses, and lack of personal alone time Me time is calling my name. I am an only child. Some of you may be thinking I'm lucky I have had to deal with the pestering of siblings or your thinking I was spoiled. I had to deal with neither of those scenarios. But, what being a single child taught me was how to be alone and enjoy it. As a kid, as much as I loved playing with my neighbours and school friends, I craved alone time and still do today. My husband even can notice when I just need an hour of spend with myself and my own thoughts.

So, I thought I would share 5 things I need have to create a perfect pampering alone time...

1. Remove it all. 
I love facials. I find they can be so relaxing whether it is at a spa or in the comforts of your home. A facial helps to remove any impurities in the skin. And, I like to think it helps to eliminate impurities of my mind and energy. It is so relaxing to lay there with a facial mask on with maybe a few cucumbers over the eyes. I love this facial mask to help unclog pores and leaves my skin so soft, relaxed and beautiful.
2. Tea, Please. 
Especially in fall and winter, nothing is better than curling up with a soft and cozy blanket with a warm glass of my fav tea. Just like my facial, I like teas that aid in purifying, like a detox tea. But, it must be delicious. None of this hot water with cayenne pepper drink, thanks but no thanks. Lately, I have been enjoying this Kusmi tea in the flavour Sweet Love. Sometimes, I will just sit and reflect on life. Other times, I will snuggle up with my detox tea and watch a movie or catch up on my favourite blogs.
3. Pass the Vino. 
I am a huge lover of wine, especially since I live in the Northern version of Napa Valley, which you can read about here! Nothing is more delicious than a perfect vino in a beautiful glass in a relaxing bubble bath. If you are looking for a wine, I highly recommend trying either this or this.

What Starts Your Engine?

If you are feeling sluggish or just a little mediocre about your days it may be because of a lack of motivation. Motivation is what draws us to something, creating the urge, the want, the desire for something. In order to achieve a goal we have to be motivated to do it. We can not simply make a goal because it will be good for us (even though it might). Let's be real, there are so many times I have said I am going to do something in life and quickly take it back. Why is that? Well, after sitting in deep thought in my pjs at 3pm due to lack of motivation (or pure laziness on that day) I began thinking about what motivates me. What drives me. What inspires me.

I established money for me isn't a motivator. Now, it is not because I have some magical money tree in the backyard(if you have one, hook me up!) nor is money just thrown in my direction, but it is because I don't find happiness in it. I know what some of you are thinking, "She said what?". But, its true. I find money to be annoying, complicated, vengeful, greedy, among a whole lotta other things. Money does not motivate me because I believe that not everything we need in life has a price tag. Instantly Jesse J's song Price Tag popped into my head: "It's not about the money, money, money….". Sorry, back on topic. Money is great to have. Does it make things easier? Yup. Can you do a lot with it? You bet. Would it be great to have oodles and oodles of it or a said money tree? YES! But, it does not in fact make the world go round, contrary to popular belief. 

For me, love is a motivator. It pulls me to do what I need to do, especially for the people I love and value in my life. The urge to want to inspire and ingrate life into others also starts and ignition in me. Relationships are a motivator. Challenges are a huge motivator - especially when you over come them. Faith is a motivator that pushes me to dream and believe that life no matter what will be okay. 

What inspire you in life? What motivates you to reach your goals? 

You Joined, What?

Often when you tell some people you have joined a network marketing company, it is often met with a lot of questions, comments, and hostility. Many times you may get these responses because they are uninformed or feed into the rumours that surround network marketing companies. The most common responses are: it is a pyramid scheme, you will never make money, your just paying someone else's pay cheque, the products are garbage, and I'm sure the list goes on and on.

To begin, is there pyramid schemes out there? You betcha. A pyramid scheme is defined as an investment that is often a scam run through an illegal business. Thus, you spend your hard earned money and get diddly-squat in return. News flash: most network marketing companies are legitimate businesses that are worth investing in, as long as your do the foot work.
how to be a network marketing

joined Arbonne. But, before I did I had every excuse about it in the book, until I did my research. I realized that Arbonne was a legitimate company that has been in business nationally in the United States and expanding into other international markets for the past 35 years. In addition, they are part of the Direct Sales Association (DSA) and are a BBB Accredited Business. They offer extensive complimentary training and leadership to their consultants. As an even bigger bonus, especially since they are in the field of beauty and health, they are supported by the Mayo Clinic. My conclusion after doing my research - it was not a pyramid scheme.

Next, I looked at the products. Everyone showers, most people I know wear makeup and/or use health products, so it was a realistic product I could offer people. Arbonne products are Swiss formulated that follow a holistic approach to health and beauty. The products are developed without: animal products or by-products, parabens, formaldehyde, petroleum, synthetic dyes, artificial flavours or sweeteners, or trans fats. So, I sampled the products and fell in love. They actually worked beautifully on my very sensitive blemish proved skin.

Then I looked at the compensation plan, I could have just shopped online from another consultants store, but thought why wouldn't I just shop from my own and essentially get paid to shower. The compensation plan works and allows for growth in the business. Not to mention, bonuses, travel rewards, product rewards, and Mercedes Benz reward for those who fully grow in the business. Yup, I saw opportunity. I began turning my household expenses into an income when I started my Arbonne business. Arbonne's opportunity allows you to redirect your own spending to support yourself, home, and business. It is not about "selling", I do not see myself as a sales person because I would fail horribly. I help people shop from their own store at the comfort in their own home and a few days later the products arrived right at their door step.


Have you started a networking business or had questions about how it all works? 

Don't forget to enter the Giveaway!! 

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Fall in Love & Giveaway

Fall is probably my favorite season and guess is here! I joined with my lovely sponsors this month to share a few recipes and favorite drinks to try on a chilly fall day. We hope you enjoy getting to know us and trying our favorites.

My favorite fall drink is called the Blended "PPS" (protein pumpkin spice) Frap. It's my variation on an PSL frap (pumpkin spice latte). 

In a blender add crushed ice, 1/2 cup of water, 2 scoops of Arbonne Vanilla Protein Powder, 1 scoop of Arbonne Fiber Boost and 1 packet of Starbux Via Pumpkin Spice Latte (instant) and blend well. Top with whip cream or sprinkle with a bit of cinnamon for a healthier and delicious protein frap.  

"My beverages of choice are all over the place. I don't know if I have a favorite, but I always love when drinks look like they're ready to party! There's a restaurant near me that garnishes their drinks with little faces made out of fruit. A strawberry wearing sunglasses and a mini umbrella? Yes! My favorite from this place is their frozen strawberry margarita. So delicious any time of year."

I don't mean to be boring and cliche...but....I can't resist a good pumpkin spice latte...I usually get it decaf with nonfat milk, 2 pumps of pumpkin and no whipped cream.  I know...I took away the best part, but it is still YUMMY!!!!!  

I'm a PSL girl all the way, and who could blame me that thing is liquid goal.  But I recently tried Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Coffee and holy moly I'm in love.  Y'all it is flat out amazing.  In fact, I think I'll go get myself another one today.  Blame it on the middle schoolers, this girl runs on the good Lord and lots & lots of coffee.

My favorite drink is simple-I like a nice glass of white wine, as long as it's not too sweet.  These days I've been leaning more towards Chardonnay.  I feel like it's part of growing into Wine, because I started out drinking super sweet candy wine like Moscato and Lambrusco, and then I gradually have worked my way back up to the more tart and crisp wines.  Now when I go back to the sweet ones they feel like syrup and it's too much.
My favorite fall drink would be a hot caramel macchiato from Starbucks. Although it’s not specific to fall, during the summer I mostly get cold drinks so when fall rolls around, I start getting hot drinks… so to me, it’s somewhat fall. I’ve never been into the pumpkin spice drinks, but definitely willing to try it again this fall!
I am obsessed with hot apple cider in the fall. There is something so soothing about the warmth of the apple flavor that is comforting and perfect for snuggling into a blanket with. It's even better with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a small shot of caramel. I've even made my own batch for parties in the crockpot with store-bought spiced cider; just add a few cinnamon sticks, dash of nutmeg and a few orange peels. Mmm...

My favorite fall drink is Butterbeer (alcoholic)! It's super easy to make and it's especially great for those Harry Potter marathon weekends on ABC Family! You need: Butterscotch Schnapps, Vanilla Schnapps + Cream Soda. Just mix them together and BOOM. Magic :) 

I love to feel warm inside on a chilly day. I go to the local coffee shop and order the Toasted Marshmallow Mocha. It is so delicious. It sounds like it would be super rich, but its not. It takes like a roasted marshmallow from the camp fire. 

It is now giveaway time! Enter to win a $35 Starbucks Gift Card and Set of 3 "Fall Greeting Cards" from my new shop! I will be releasing the greeting cards next week, so until now its a mystery. 

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Warm Neutrals for Autumn Looks

Fall Face

Yesterday I wrote about how I am changing over my home for autumn. So, today I thought I would talk about my essentials for a classic fall beauty essentials. Each and every one of these products I use on the daily once the temps go down and the beautiful leaves begin to change. 

To create a perfect fall eye look, I find a lot of inspiration from nature by using warm neutrals to create both day and evening looks. The shadow in the colour Suede is amazing for creating depth on the lid crease and building in the Sand or Smoke shade to deepen the crease on the outer corner. To create a more vampy evening eye, I pack in the sand into the crease for a warm smokey eye. I use Vanilla in the inner corner working with it lightly across the lid, especially for more natural day looks. I am also super excited to use this shade in a few fall looks this season. Now, as I am sure you are well aware from this post that Marsala excites me. So, this lip colour in Terra or this one is perfect for incorporating that Marsala love into your fall look this season. 

Look out next week for a makeup tutorial using this palette for a fall look!

Refreshing the Home for Autumn

With Autumn quickly approaching, it is time to store away the beach towels, sunscreen, and shorts. A sad sad time in many people's lives, especially for those who love summer like I do. But, for me fall brings so much beauty in a million ways that I can cheerfully put aside my summer things until next year. Autumn is a very close second when it comes to my favourite seasons.

So now that fall is on its ways I have begun to organize, de-clutter, and begin changing things over for the new temperatures and season in our home. For those of you who find organizing especially delightful like myself, this is for you, or maybe you need a little help/inspiration in sorting out your things then follow along with me:

Preparing your wardrobe. 
I was never someone who "packed away" clothing until we bought our home. It was then I realized I needed to share our walk-in closet and armoires with someone and with a bit of a shopping problem that didn't leave much room for my poor husband's things. So now I use a dresser in our spare bedroom to put my summer clothing. To begin, I go through and look for things I know I cannot wear during the other seasons. I switch out the floral tanks for knit sweaters, the shorts for pants and leggings, and the flip flops for booties and hunters.

A Nose full of Scents. 
I love Scentsy products and the Bath & Body Works candles. So, I store away any half burned candles or left over cubes of wax, mainly in my favourite summer scent "Skinny Dipping" and bring in the scents of Leaves, Mahogany Teakwood, and Pumpkin Apple. I find burning these Autumn scented candles adds a beautiful warmth to the home as the temperatures begin to drop.

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice. 
Autumn baking and cooking is another favourite. I begin pinning some delicious recipes that add to the warmth and delicious scented candles. My motto has always been why buy it when I can bake it. So, for me fall calls for a lot more time in the kitchen with my handy dandy mixer that I am obsessed with. Throughout fall, I will be sharing some favourite recipes. So, prepare your pantry with sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves.

Freshly Aired. 
We love air conditioning in the summer, which my husband refuses to turn off until the temps begin to go down. Soon as the thermostat numbers drop the windows are wide open letting the fresh breeze that I crave by September. The air is so refreshing after a summer of humid stiff air.

Once September 23rd happens, which is the first official day of Autumn, I will begin the fall inspired decorating. So, until then I prepare and anticipate all the fall wonderfulness this season brings us, and yes that includes everyone's favourite drink….Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Is there anything you do in your home to prepare for a new season?

Anniversary Getaway

As I mentioned here, Sunday was our 1 year wedding anniversary! The past year has gone by so ridiculous fast, so we thought we would take some time to pause on our year. We went away to spend so long over due, much needed time away up north at a resort and spa. It was just what we needed.

The first evening we stayed at a beautiful hotel, enjoyed a lovely dinner, a swim, and breakfast in bed. The second evening we travelled for about 3 hours to reach a little piece of relaxation we were craving. We stayed at a small resort called Sir Sam's Inn & Water Spa. What I loved about this place was that it was surrounded by a beautiful lake and felt secluded among the hundreds of trees overlooking the property. The room was like a personal cottage with a lovely wood fireplace, which we needed because little did we know the temps were dropping like crazy this weekend. I also learned that I am thankful I do not have a wood burning fireplace in our home (we have a gas one). I truly believe that if we did my husband would have burnt our house down or  would spend more time with the fireplace than with me. He was obsessed - like really obsessed. He even whipped out a blow dryer to "help ignite the ambers". We were the only people using our fireplace because looking outside at our unit we were the only chimney smoking up a storm on the property. Regardless of my husbands pyrotechnic addition I was seemingly unaware of for the past 9 years we have been together, our cottage was snuggly and overlooking the most beautiful view of the lake. 

The resort comes equipped with everything you need for a northern getaway. Pool, sauna, water circuit spa, tennis courts, and water sport equipment. You truly can never be bored while on the property. I love kayaking and Matthew had never been. So, we went a kayak tour of the lake together as we watched the loons catching fish and ogling the beautiful cottages that were around the lake. 

Overall, our anniversary was perfect. We completed the weekend enjoying dinner with our family and cutting the top tier of our wedding cake.  

We are always looking for new places and areas to travel to, where is your perfect couples getaway? 

What I have Learned in 1 Year of Marriage

marriage lessons

September 13 marks our first year anniversary from this magical day. In the past year to have been thrown through this journey of life at a rate that seems much too fast. We have had a lot of our firsts that brought us many happy moments and memories we will never forget. We have also seen hurt and pain in life together, like when this happened. But, through everything we never have let go of each other's hand. Last year we took our vows at the altar and swore to be there through good times and in bad. We made the vows to our families, God, and ourselves that no matter what we would never let go of the other's hand. If we need more support we just hold on even tighter.

So, in the year of marriage these are the 3 top lessons I have learned:

1. Always be grateful. 
Be grateful for each other and for the life that you have. No matter what troubles you face you can come out stronger and more bonded together. Be grateful for everything he/she does and never take things for granted.

2. Do life together. 
Never be too busy for each other. Always you both have separate individual lives at the end they need to come together. Make time for each other, more specifically quality time. Communicate with each other about your day, dreams, and goals etc.

3. Love on one another. 
Remember when you were dating and cute little flirty text you would send or the faces you would make when you would see each other. Or, the passion when you would kiss each other. Do not let that stop. It can be so easy to let that fade, but don't. Bring in passion and love into your relationship. Remind each other every day how much you love the other person. In addition, compliment each other. Let them know that the passion light has never gone out! Just be 2 crazy love birds no matter what age!

So, to my husband: 
I love you to the moon and back. I am so thankful for all you do for our marriage and our life together. Each day to teach me something and allow me to be the silly and kid-spirited person I am. Thank you for never trying to change me in any way and loving me to bits. This last year of marriage has been curvy, but your strong hand has helped me through it. I cannot wait to see what year 2 has in store!!! Love you always! xoxoxoxx 

married couple


Love one another


A Taste of Tradition for the Hometown Hunt Project

I'm teaming up with Eventbrite for their Hometown Hunt project. Living in a tourist destination, it was hard for me to pick simply one location in the region that I love. But, after careful consideration and a few glasses of deliciousness, I decided on walking you through the experience of Colaneri Estates Winery in the beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake. For those of you who aren't familiar, Niagara-on-the-Lake (or NOTL, as us locals call it) is essentially the Napa Valley of Canada. The area boosts well over 40 wineries ranging in sizes, numerous scrumptious restaurants, and beautiful history that can be explore in the historic old town of Queen St.

When coming to the area, no trip is complete with a visit to my favourite winery, Colaneri Estates Winery. As, I have mentioned it is more than a winery, it is an experience. As you enter the grounds, you are greeted with lush vineyards leading up to what can only be described as Tuscan heaven. The building is shaped like a "C" in honour of the family name and Romanesque style. You truly feel like you are sitting on a piazza in Italy. The beauty of this building is breathe taking and compliments the wine wonderfully.
colaneri winery
The winery offers daily wine tasting in their retail store, which over looks the production area. During spring and summer, you can enjoy a glass of wine and fresh wood oven pizza on their piazza overlooking the vineyard. Throughout the year, they host numerous events. I am so excited for their Halloween event, "The Haunt".

This family owned and operated winery creates a beautiful experience that makes you feel welcomed and apart of their tradition and history. Each bottle is as unique as the family member it represents, literally. The labels on the bottle were designed in by each family member in collaboration with an artist, so that their wine fully embodies them. There is really nothing like this winery. So, grab some girls, family, your partner and take a trip to NOTL and visit my favourite local location at this winery.
colaneri winery

Find your local hometown on Eventbrite to see events and places you may love to visit or plan your own event for others to see on their event management page

Spread the love and support local!  

Pantone's Colour of Fall: Marsala

Pantone's Colour of Fall: Marsala

I am absolutely in love with Pantone's fall colours for 2015. Out of all the colours chosen for this upcoming autumn, I am most excited to wear Marsala. It is such a warm and rich colour that is ultra flattering on anyone. I feel like Marsala just adds such an element of sophistication to any look, whether in your outfit or in your makeup. For lip, I love this colour called Terra which is similar to Marsala with the red and brownish undertones.

The other colours this year are Desert Sage, Stormy Weather, Oak Buff, Dried Herb, Biscay Bay, Cadmium Orange, Cashmere Rose, Reflecting Pond, and Amethyst Orchid. All these colours are very soft, warming, and add a beautiful touch of sophistication to your autumn looks. Think neutrals with pops of bold colours, like Marsala. You can read all about the colours chosen here on the Pantone website.
What colour are you excited to style this fall?

Long Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday Friends!! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. This past long weekend was jam packed for Matthew and I! It was hands down the busiest weekend we have had all summer. So I thought I would share with you the wonderfulness that over took our lives this 
Labour Day Weekend!!!

Friday night, we had a get evening for the wedding rehearsal for Matthew's cousin Sandra and her fianceè Brian. Before I went I desperately needed a touch-up on my roots. Long story short, I found out my local hairdresser (Yes, I have 2. I'm needy like that) apparently quit the salon and fell off the face of the Earth. If you are blonde or know a blonde, you know we are very specific on who touches our hair. I do not want yellow or white hair. Some people just don't get it. Anyways, I ended up going to the same salon with a different colourist who was amazing. Actually, probably the best I had - not to mention we had a million things in common and hit it off wonderfully. 
So, here is a lovely before (not so hot) and finish ready for the wedding rehearsal: 

blonde hair

Saturday was ridiculously hot and humid. I feel like it wasn't that warm all summer. But, the sun was shining and there was a very faint breeze, a perfect day for a wedding for Sandra and Brian. I love weddings, more like borderline obsessed. This wedding was so much fun, the bride was stunning, the venue was perfect, and the couple looked as happy as could be. I am so excited for them to begin their new life together hand-in-hand. 
Legends Golf Course Niagara

Sunday and Monday, Matthew and I spent the days with his family. His sister and her boyfriend came home for the weekend, which always make the weekend better because we love them so much. We spent all day beach hopping on the boat on Sunday. Taking in the waves and the last bit of sun before fall arrives. We ate a huge family dinner Monday evening that his Nana makes special once a year. It is heaven in your mouth, I hope to share the recipes soon!

family time, boating

Although the weekend was busy it was so much fun to spend time and celebrate with family! 
I hope everyone had a safe an happy long weekend! Now, it is back to reality as all the kids and teachers had back to school in Ontario today. 

Internal Ignition

I have been feeling uber inspired lately. There has been a fire lit somehow under my tush and I am so excited about it. One thing I know, no one is going to light that fire under your bum more than you. You need to be the drive in your life. You need to have the desire, the urge, and the want to fulfil your dreams to lead a fulfilled life. If there are goals you want to reach, what is stopping you? Do your dream of today. Finical freedom, travel, weight loss, a job - what ever it is, you need to push yourself to get there. Make goals; stepping stone and do them.

I have mentioned before the idea of failing forward and that has never been more true than when it comes to leading an inspired life. I invite you today to make a decision in your own life, in your own journey. That decision you make today can lead to numerous accomplishments and dreams you may have never thought of.
We are given three choices in life: 
1. Give Up. This my friends is failure. This is letting fear, anxiety, and pressures win. You become minimal in the decisions of your life. This means leading a passive life. Not what we are aiming for. 
2. Give In. Why is someone else control and lead your journey of life. You need to take charge of you. Stand your ground because this is a fine line between giving up. 
3. Give your all! When we give life and our experience our all there is no limit to where we can go. You deserve to give everything your all by taking charge of your life. Dream big. But, most importantly never stop dream and achieving new things. 

Friends be inspired. Be excited for your life. 
Even more importantly, be happy.