3 Me Time Must Haves

I love a little "Me" time every now and then. Sometimes between daily chaos and chores, life stresses, and lack of personal alone time Me time is calling my name. I am an only child. Some of you may be thinking I'm lucky I have had to deal with the pestering of siblings or your thinking I was spoiled. I had to deal with neither of those scenarios. But, what being a single child taught me was how to be alone and enjoy it. As a kid, as much as I loved playing with my neighbours and school friends, I craved alone time and still do today. My husband even can notice when I just need an hour of spend with myself and my own thoughts.

So, I thought I would share 5 things I need have to create a perfect pampering alone time...

1. Remove it all. 
I love facials. I find they can be so relaxing whether it is at a spa or in the comforts of your home. A facial helps to remove any impurities in the skin. And, I like to think it helps to eliminate impurities of my mind and energy. It is so relaxing to lay there with a facial mask on with maybe a few cucumbers over the eyes. I love this facial mask to help unclog pores and leaves my skin so soft, relaxed and beautiful.
2. Tea, Please. 
Especially in fall and winter, nothing is better than curling up with a soft and cozy blanket with a warm glass of my fav tea. Just like my facial, I like teas that aid in purifying, like a detox tea. But, it must be delicious. None of this hot water with cayenne pepper drink, thanks but no thanks. Lately, I have been enjoying this Kusmi tea in the flavour Sweet Love. Sometimes, I will just sit and reflect on life. Other times, I will snuggle up with my detox tea and watch a movie or catch up on my favourite blogs.
3. Pass the Vino. 
I am a huge lover of wine, especially since I live in the Northern version of Napa Valley, which you can read about here! Nothing is more delicious than a perfect vino in a beautiful glass in a relaxing bubble bath. If you are looking for a wine, I highly recommend trying either this or this.