Anniversary Getaway

As I mentioned here, Sunday was our 1 year wedding anniversary! The past year has gone by so ridiculous fast, so we thought we would take some time to pause on our year. We went away to spend so long over due, much needed time away up north at a resort and spa. It was just what we needed.

The first evening we stayed at a beautiful hotel, enjoyed a lovely dinner, a swim, and breakfast in bed. The second evening we travelled for about 3 hours to reach a little piece of relaxation we were craving. We stayed at a small resort called Sir Sam's Inn & Water Spa. What I loved about this place was that it was surrounded by a beautiful lake and felt secluded among the hundreds of trees overlooking the property. The room was like a personal cottage with a lovely wood fireplace, which we needed because little did we know the temps were dropping like crazy this weekend. I also learned that I am thankful I do not have a wood burning fireplace in our home (we have a gas one). I truly believe that if we did my husband would have burnt our house down or  would spend more time with the fireplace than with me. He was obsessed - like really obsessed. He even whipped out a blow dryer to "help ignite the ambers". We were the only people using our fireplace because looking outside at our unit we were the only chimney smoking up a storm on the property. Regardless of my husbands pyrotechnic addition I was seemingly unaware of for the past 9 years we have been together, our cottage was snuggly and overlooking the most beautiful view of the lake. 

The resort comes equipped with everything you need for a northern getaway. Pool, sauna, water circuit spa, tennis courts, and water sport equipment. You truly can never be bored while on the property. I love kayaking and Matthew had never been. So, we went a kayak tour of the lake together as we watched the loons catching fish and ogling the beautiful cottages that were around the lake. 

Overall, our anniversary was perfect. We completed the weekend enjoying dinner with our family and cutting the top tier of our wedding cake.  

We are always looking for new places and areas to travel to, where is your perfect couples getaway?