Bachelorette Shenanigans

A few weeks ago we had this stunning wedding. But, the week before that we took the bride-to-be out on the town with a bunch of girls planned by her maid of honour. 

Now, many of bachelorette parties I have been to end with the bride completely incapacitated as the result of shots from a bar or off some sort of body part from a male strippers body. To each their own. Our group decided to keep things rather PG, minus a small stint of my hoping on a stripper pole in the limo, which if you say was a lot less rated R and more so a Family Comedy. 
(My legs respect every adult dancer out there. People, it is not joke.). 

We started our day at the most adorable flower farm. When I first heard we were doing this- I wasn't exactly on board considering the heat wave we were having at the time. But, once there I got my head around it and thanked the owner for the air conditioned room we were led to. We made these stunning flower crowns all by ourselves from the farm's selection of fresh scented stems. We let our creativity shine....

With crowns in hand, we headed over to a local winery for a private tour and tasting. Simply delicious. My favourite of the day was this perfect wine for a summer day! 

As the evening began to set in, we went to the hotel for dinner and were joined by a psychic who did a reading on each of us. Such a cool and different experience. After a few games, we all climbed into our pjs and call it a night. I love girly get-togethers whether for a bachelorette or not. Being with a group of girls can be rather hectic or chaotic, but girl time is always much needed in my book. 

My lesson from this day: its okay to think out of the box, let loose, and I need to work on my leg muscles AND should probably keep my day job! 

(Photography by S. Murrel)