Getting My Grape on at the Festival

As I have mentioned here before, I live near an abundance of wineries. A mini northern Napa Valley if you will. This past weekend was the highlight of any wine lovers year, the annual Niagara Wine Festival, also known to locals as Grape & Wine. This festival draws in tons of tourists and visitors, in addition to making locals get off the couch and out on the town. The festival is fun-filled with live music, delicious food stands, and of course tons of wine. Over 40 different wineries in the region participate in the festival. The large local park fills with herds of people both intoxicated and not, often dressed in purple.

This weekend we headed down to the park to enjoy the festivities and get our grape on....

My Fav Wines of the festival: 
Tawse Winery - Riesling 
Rockway Vineyards - Patio 9 White
Fielding Estate Winery - Cabernet Merlot