Hair Tips & Tricks from a Control Freak

When it comes to my luscious locks, I am the biggest control freak. For me my hair is my security blanket that requires a lot of trust when put in the hands of others. When I meet a hair stylist for the first time, you would think I am interviewing them to be president or something from my interrogation. But, if I am going to hand you over a piece of me I need to know everything about you, your Mom, your cousin, in addition to your skills. Just kidding...but not really (ha ha). I freak right the heck out walking into a salon, my heart pumps and my eyes are on high alert as if I am walking through a dark and scary forest. Thankfully, my anxiety has diminished a little now that I have committed to my stylist. However, since I am so controlling of who and what touches my hair, I have also tested out numerous products that help to keep my hair in tip-top shape.


I try to wash my hair about every other day, since over washing can cause breakage! My trick to keeping my blonde locks bright and luminous is the "purple-people-eater", or as normal people call it purple shampoo. Purple shampoo ensures that your blonde locks stay blonde and don't turn brassy or yellow, essentially acting like a toner. Even if your a natural blonde, using purple shampoo will help keep your hair brighter. My all-time favourite, cannot live without is this purple shampoo for every other wash and this one on a regular basis.


Once a week I use a hair masque to help build moisture and restore strength from my years of colouring. This masque also keeps my hair shiny without buildup or giving my hair any greasy feeling some masques leave. For conditioner, I like to use this one or this one which are both for colour-treated hair. I like to leave it on for pretty much the whole shower really concentrating the product on the ends.  After I get out of the shower, I spray a few squirts of this leave-in conditioner to help detangle my hair, so I can get a brush through it more easily. 

Protecting & Styling

Protecting your hair from heat damage is huge for happy and healthy hair. I use this Living Proof Heat Protection spray, which smells so delicious. I apply this prior to using any heated styling tools or  if I am going to be laying in the sun as it also protects against UV rays! Before I blow-dry, I apply a pea size amount of this thickening serum to add some volume and fullness. One thing about this serum, you must blow-dry to see results. After a complete my deserved look I like to finish off with a  this Aveeda Dry Remedy oil or with a spray of this hairspray. I mainly use Dry Remedy oil to create a smoothed luscious after a blow-dry. 


Good brushes are essential to creating your desired hair looks. I use the Tangle Teezer and a wide-toothed comb on my wet hair. You do not want to be using a regular brush that you will try ripping through your knots - that my dear is causing all your breakage and is darn painful! As I blow-dry I use a paddle brush like this one to give some backing and direction to the air from the blowdryer. Sectioning your hair off using sectioning clips to ensure all your hair, even at the root, is dry. Around the crown and face I round brush my hair to add more volume. I prefer using a ceramic round brush to reduce any frizz. Also, a little blowdrying trick is to use heat to bend the hair and using the cool function to set that bend you created! 

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you have a fabulous weekend full of good hair!