Internal Ignition

I have been feeling uber inspired lately. There has been a fire lit somehow under my tush and I am so excited about it. One thing I know, no one is going to light that fire under your bum more than you. You need to be the drive in your life. You need to have the desire, the urge, and the want to fulfil your dreams to lead a fulfilled life. If there are goals you want to reach, what is stopping you? Do your dream of today. Finical freedom, travel, weight loss, a job - what ever it is, you need to push yourself to get there. Make goals; stepping stone and do them.

I have mentioned before the idea of failing forward and that has never been more true than when it comes to leading an inspired life. I invite you today to make a decision in your own life, in your own journey. That decision you make today can lead to numerous accomplishments and dreams you may have never thought of.
We are given three choices in life: 
1. Give Up. This my friends is failure. This is letting fear, anxiety, and pressures win. You become minimal in the decisions of your life. This means leading a passive life. Not what we are aiming for. 
2. Give In. Why is someone else control and lead your journey of life. You need to take charge of you. Stand your ground because this is a fine line between giving up. 
3. Give your all! When we give life and our experience our all there is no limit to where we can go. You deserve to give everything your all by taking charge of your life. Dream big. But, most importantly never stop dream and achieving new things. 

Friends be inspired. Be excited for your life. 
Even more importantly, be happy.