Keeping Up with Life

Life can get hectic in the blink of an eye. Sometimes I feel like there is a calm and then all of a sudden the wind of life picks up and messes my calmness right up! As a very type-A person, I need schedules. I need and thrive on organization. So naturally, I have established amazing ways to organize my life to ensure I have full control of it. I am currently in the process of organizing and decorating our home office, so I have been loving stationary purchases.

Staying Organized
Paper Clips || Swarovski Pen (sold out), other favourites here ||Post-it Notes or Note Pad

The first thing I must have and buy in advance of the year ahead is a planner. A good planner has a space to write things for each day PLUS has a month view calendar with space for the day. I use both to schedule appointments and meetings, but use the daily sections to note chores or important notes. I can not go anywhere without my planner near by. I know a lot of people us the calendar on their phone, but for some reason it just doesn't cut it for me. I need a paper and pen planner to feel organized. When filling out my calendar, I use these multi coloured pens. Each colour attributes to a specific life event or person. For example, orange is banking and bills while red is my husbands schedule and blue is mine. Colour coding your schedule helps to ensure that at a quick look you know what is going on and nothing gets mixed up.

I have also mastered list making. I use list pads for things I need to pick up from that day or at the grocery store. Lists can also be helpful for daily tasks for those who do not prefer to take around a day planner. I always have note pads like this one around for jotting down notes and ideas for my lists.