Refreshing the Home for Autumn

With Autumn quickly approaching, it is time to store away the beach towels, sunscreen, and shorts. A sad sad time in many people's lives, especially for those who love summer like I do. But, for me fall brings so much beauty in a million ways that I can cheerfully put aside my summer things until next year. Autumn is a very close second when it comes to my favourite seasons.

So now that fall is on its ways I have begun to organize, de-clutter, and begin changing things over for the new temperatures and season in our home. For those of you who find organizing especially delightful like myself, this is for you, or maybe you need a little help/inspiration in sorting out your things then follow along with me:

Preparing your wardrobe. 
I was never someone who "packed away" clothing until we bought our home. It was then I realized I needed to share our walk-in closet and armoires with someone and with a bit of a shopping problem that didn't leave much room for my poor husband's things. So now I use a dresser in our spare bedroom to put my summer clothing. To begin, I go through and look for things I know I cannot wear during the other seasons. I switch out the floral tanks for knit sweaters, the shorts for pants and leggings, and the flip flops for booties and hunters.

A Nose full of Scents. 
I love Scentsy products and the Bath & Body Works candles. So, I store away any half burned candles or left over cubes of wax, mainly in my favourite summer scent "Skinny Dipping" and bring in the scents of Leaves, Mahogany Teakwood, and Pumpkin Apple. I find burning these Autumn scented candles adds a beautiful warmth to the home as the temperatures begin to drop.

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice. 
Autumn baking and cooking is another favourite. I begin pinning some delicious recipes that add to the warmth and delicious scented candles. My motto has always been why buy it when I can bake it. So, for me fall calls for a lot more time in the kitchen with my handy dandy mixer that I am obsessed with. Throughout fall, I will be sharing some favourite recipes. So, prepare your pantry with sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves.

Freshly Aired. 
We love air conditioning in the summer, which my husband refuses to turn off until the temps begin to go down. Soon as the thermostat numbers drop the windows are wide open letting the fresh breeze that I crave by September. The air is so refreshing after a summer of humid stiff air.

Once September 23rd happens, which is the first official day of Autumn, I will begin the fall inspired decorating. So, until then I prepare and anticipate all the fall wonderfulness this season brings us, and yes that includes everyone's favourite drink….Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Is there anything you do in your home to prepare for a new season?