The Art of Forgiveness

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Forgiveness is exactly that: an art. It takes time, reasoning, and compassion to do, something I always need a lot of help with. Over the years I have learned to release my grudges against people who have hurt me, in some capacity or another. I have learned to be grateful for these experience rather than let them foster an evil little demon of anger inside me.

Forgiveness is defined as stopping the feeling of angry or resentment towards someone for a mistake, flaw, or offence.To forgive is a verb. An action.  Therefore, we need to actively work at forgiving people in our lives. It is not naturally going to happen, where one day you wake up and say "Yup I am over it". Forgiveness takes effort and time.

A few years ago, there was significant relationships I needed to rebuild in a sense but it needed to start with forgiving certain people. I think that is the first step to the art. You must want to forgive deep down. After the want started, I began to look at situations through a different lens. I analyzed the offences that hurt me and made me resent certain people. I realized that through those things and from those people I became the person I am today. Without them, I'm not sure if I would have ended up the same. Experiences I have been through taught me to be strong, independent, and be able to laugh at myself. Once I was able to look at these experiences through a new lens I was able to let go of the hurt and resentment.

Forgiving does not necessarily mean you have to buddy up with the person, but it allows you to move on. Forgiveness gives you a sense of personal relief. Letting go and looking through a new lens can open up your heart and your mind, in addition to healing your hurts. Live and let go.

live and let go