What I have Learned in 1 Year of Marriage

marriage lessons

September 13 marks our first year anniversary from this magical day. In the past year to have been thrown through this journey of life at a rate that seems much too fast. We have had a lot of our firsts that brought us many happy moments and memories we will never forget. We have also seen hurt and pain in life together, like when this happened. But, through everything we never have let go of each other's hand. Last year we took our vows at the altar and swore to be there through good times and in bad. We made the vows to our families, God, and ourselves that no matter what we would never let go of the other's hand. If we need more support we just hold on even tighter.

So, in the year of marriage these are the 3 top lessons I have learned:

1. Always be grateful. 
Be grateful for each other and for the life that you have. No matter what troubles you face you can come out stronger and more bonded together. Be grateful for everything he/she does and never take things for granted.

2. Do life together. 
Never be too busy for each other. Always you both have separate individual lives at the end they need to come together. Make time for each other, more specifically quality time. Communicate with each other about your day, dreams, and goals etc.

3. Love on one another. 
Remember when you were dating and cute little flirty text you would send or the faces you would make when you would see each other. Or, the passion when you would kiss each other. Do not let that stop. It can be so easy to let that fade, but don't. Bring in passion and love into your relationship. Remind each other every day how much you love the other person. In addition, compliment each other. Let them know that the passion light has never gone out! Just be 2 crazy love birds no matter what age!

So, to my husband: 
I love you to the moon and back. I am so thankful for all you do for our marriage and our life together. Each day to teach me something and allow me to be the silly and kid-spirited person I am. Thank you for never trying to change me in any way and loving me to bits. This last year of marriage has been curvy, but your strong hand has helped me through it. I cannot wait to see what year 2 has in store!!! Love you always! xoxoxoxx 

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Love one another