What Starts Your Engine?

If you are feeling sluggish or just a little mediocre about your days it may be because of a lack of motivation. Motivation is what draws us to something, creating the urge, the want, the desire for something. In order to achieve a goal we have to be motivated to do it. We can not simply make a goal because it will be good for us (even though it might). Let's be real, there are so many times I have said I am going to do something in life and quickly take it back. Why is that? Well, after sitting in deep thought in my pjs at 3pm due to lack of motivation (or pure laziness on that day) I began thinking about what motivates me. What drives me. What inspires me.

I established money for me isn't a motivator. Now, it is not because I have some magical money tree in the backyard(if you have one, hook me up!) nor is money just thrown in my direction, but it is because I don't find happiness in it. I know what some of you are thinking, "She said what?". But, its true. I find money to be annoying, complicated, vengeful, greedy, among a whole lotta other things. Money does not motivate me because I believe that not everything we need in life has a price tag. Instantly Jesse J's song Price Tag popped into my head: "It's not about the money, money, money….". Sorry, back on topic. Money is great to have. Does it make things easier? Yup. Can you do a lot with it? You bet. Would it be great to have oodles and oodles of it or a said money tree? YES! But, it does not in fact make the world go round, contrary to popular belief. 

For me, love is a motivator. It pulls me to do what I need to do, especially for the people I love and value in my life. The urge to want to inspire and ingrate life into others also starts and ignition in me. Relationships are a motivator. Challenges are a huge motivator - especially when you over come them. Faith is a motivator that pushes me to dream and believe that life no matter what will be okay. 

What inspire you in life? What motivates you to reach your goals?