You Joined, What?

Often when you tell some people you have joined a network marketing company, it is often met with a lot of questions, comments, and hostility. Many times you may get these responses because they are uninformed or feed into the rumours that surround network marketing companies. The most common responses are: it is a pyramid scheme, you will never make money, your just paying someone else's pay cheque, the products are garbage, and I'm sure the list goes on and on.

To begin, is there pyramid schemes out there? You betcha. A pyramid scheme is defined as an investment that is often a scam run through an illegal business. Thus, you spend your hard earned money and get diddly-squat in return. News flash: most network marketing companies are legitimate businesses that are worth investing in, as long as your do the foot work.
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joined Arbonne. But, before I did I had every excuse about it in the book, until I did my research. I realized that Arbonne was a legitimate company that has been in business nationally in the United States and expanding into other international markets for the past 35 years. In addition, they are part of the Direct Sales Association (DSA) and are a BBB Accredited Business. They offer extensive complimentary training and leadership to their consultants. As an even bigger bonus, especially since they are in the field of beauty and health, they are supported by the Mayo Clinic. My conclusion after doing my research - it was not a pyramid scheme.

Next, I looked at the products. Everyone showers, most people I know wear makeup and/or use health products, so it was a realistic product I could offer people. Arbonne products are Swiss formulated that follow a holistic approach to health and beauty. The products are developed without: animal products or by-products, parabens, formaldehyde, petroleum, synthetic dyes, artificial flavours or sweeteners, or trans fats. So, I sampled the products and fell in love. They actually worked beautifully on my very sensitive blemish proved skin.

Then I looked at the compensation plan, I could have just shopped online from another consultants store, but thought why wouldn't I just shop from my own and essentially get paid to shower. The compensation plan works and allows for growth in the business. Not to mention, bonuses, travel rewards, product rewards, and Mercedes Benz reward for those who fully grow in the business. Yup, I saw opportunity. I began turning my household expenses into an income when I started my Arbonne business. Arbonne's opportunity allows you to redirect your own spending to support yourself, home, and business. It is not about "selling", I do not see myself as a sales person because I would fail horribly. I help people shop from their own store at the comfort in their own home and a few days later the products arrived right at their door step.


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