4 Ways to Beat a Cold

It is officially upon us, cold and flu season! For past week, I have been fighting an awful cold and it has been kicking my butt. I am also someone that tries not to take medication unless I absolutely have to and have exhausted the possible more "natural" methods I could find. Thankfully, I have come up with 4 ways to make my cold a little bothersome and beat it away.


Now I am not taking about taking a clove and just chowing down. I mean by all means it actually might work, but some of us aren't that daring. I make a bowl of chicken soup with limited noodles and just before I take it out of the pot to eat it I load it with finely chopped garlic. Garlic is known as a natural flu-fighter, so as you chow down it is beating off the virus and germs!


Red wine more specifically. I know what your thinking woohoo another excuse to become a wineo. Although you still get to drink it, to fight off a cold you must boil it thus removing all the alcohol. Red wine contains antioxidants and helps to reduce the production of mucus. This is an Italian remedy my husband's Nonna taught me. Just boil the wine until it is hot, drink, and feel better! You can even had an orange peel to the mug for some added vitamin C.

Vicks Disks 

As a kid, I would have when my Mom would lather on the Vicks every time I got a cold. I hated how my clothes would stick to it and my eyes would almost burn. But, as an adult I have learned to love Vicks. I now find it so soothing and helps clear my nasal congestion. Recently, I made a batch of these  disks for the shower. I turn the shower on ensuring the hottest water is coming out, drop in a disk, and pretend I am in a steam room at a spa.


I try to take this as a preventative measure before the cold happens, but if the cold takes a hold of me I keep taking 1 a day. Zinc helps to build up your immune system and helps treat common cold. Some 1 little vitamin each morning can help to keep you going about your daily business without a cold getting you down.

And of course when all else fails, a trip to the doctor for some antibiotics it is!