Creativity Flowing for Homemade Card Making


As some of you may know, the Canadian Thanksgiving is quickly in this weekend. So, throughout this whole week I will posting tips, tricks, recipes, and ideas to get you feeling thankful, grateful, and positively infused with pumpkin spice! For my American friends, this gets you almost a month ready for your holiday celebrations!

Over the weekend, I began making thanksgiving cards that I will be attaching to my homemade pumpkin pies. Now, obviously I want to give pumpkin pies to every person I know, but it just isn't possible unless I was a full-time baker, which I am not. So, I made a list of people I am thankful for in different ways. I tried thinking of people who are not in my family, they get the pleasure of my hugs and love all long weekend to show them my thankfulness for them. I tried to think of people outside of the box, if you will. People who make my life a little easier, a little brighter, and a little more blessed every time I see them. These are the people that I felt I needed to send a little delicious reminder to to tell them how thankful I am for their presence in my life.

Now on the the fun part, handmade cards! I stopped by my local Michael's craft store to pick up a few things. To create a good card, no matter the season or holiday you must have the following:
A clear colour scheme to choose the various papers 
I usually use 2 different colours and patterns of paper to add dimension to my cards.
Letter stamps or stickers for any words or phrases you will you 
These should be pre-thought of so you know you have enough letter.
Any themed images, stamps, or stickers to add some pizazz 
There are so many to choose from, but the goal is not to overload your card or else it will look busy. 
A good pen or markers to write your personalized message
For added style, use decorative scissors to the edges of the paper like these here

After you have planned out what your card will look like in your mind, lay it out. Make sure you have everything you need to begin before you take any scissors to the paper! After you are sure you like your design, let the creativity flow and begin the creative process of making the cards. 

Want to create your own cards here are few essentials for the perfect autumn inspired cards:
For Halloween, these & these, but especially these
Thanksgiving themed, I love these and these. 
This one is beautiful and could be use for multiple card ideas. Or, these
My favourite are these, which is what I used for my cards.
This one and this one are great packages for autumn inspired cards. 

Happy Card Making