Easy Last Minute Costumes

For Halloween, I am a huge fan of creating my own costumes rather than purchasing a costume specific outfit from the party stores. I think you can get more unique and creative, while still being stylish when you create your own. Plus, it can help to save some money. It is pretty ridiculous how much some of the costumes in the store cost! So this Halloween, save some money and get creative!

Last minute Costume Ideas

If you are struggling to create a costume, take a look on youtube for some makeup inspirations. To go with the skeleton costume, you could attempt to recreate this look. For a flapper girl, you could take inspiration from this video or this one for a mermaid. Last year, I was the tooth fairy for Halloween which was a huge crowd pleaser to the trick or treaters! I purchased my wand and wings from the dollar store. I used glitter glue to draw a sparkle tooth in the centre of an old cotton shirt and paired it with tights and skirt I had. My total costume costed me $4! Dressing up and being festive does not need to break the bank! Using makeup and fun items, like shells and jewels for a mermaid for example, can help to to add a little piazza to the costume! I cannot wait for Halloween it is by far my favourite holiday of them all! What are you dressing up as this year?