Etsy Community Post & Giveaway!

This month I have teamed up with bunch of blogger friends to promote some of our favourite Etsy shops. Plus, since holiday shopping is quickly approaching this post will help you gather a different and custom ideas that you may not find at your local shopping mall. I love to give personal gifts, which is why I like Etsy so much. Most of the gifts I purchased for people at our wedding were from Etsy! In addition you getting a shopping list essentially done for you, we have giveaway for a Etsy gift card so you can purchase a gift for someone special or save it for a little self spoil. 

I launched my Etsy shop this month and cannot wait for Christmas Card Sales to start. If you haven't been to my shop yet, you should take a trip over there and see what it is like. I thought I would give you a sneak peak into the Christmas Card Photo choices I put on my Etsy shop! Come order your holiday cards and use the coupon code "christmas" for 20% off. I also take custom orders!


Angie from My So-Called Choas!

I'm a HUGE supporter of buying or creating handmade for holiday gifts, and I think it's such an important movement to get behind. Why would you give more money to giant corporations when you can support someone who is building something unique and filled with love? For example, my best friend from high school settled down and married the love of her life in Savannah, GA. They threw caution to the win and quit their day jobs that they hated and started working really hard to live entirely off of their passions. He writes for a living (you can actually snag his two scary story anthologies right in time for Halloween HERE and HERE) and she works non-stop days to both take care of their 2 year old and create handmade geek goods for kids at her shop Growing Up Geeky. Buying from them would ensure that your money is going to supporting passion and the lives of real people who are struggling to get by, and not billionaires who pay their employees poorly. So you get good karma points PLUS a beautiful and unique gift for your loved ones.


Mary from Uncustomary Art

"I love glitter, and my glitter pills are a great way to spread some sparkle to my customers!" Mary owns an  Etsy Shop and if you would love some of her Glitter Pills head over now and get them! 


Amanda from Trail of Sprinkles

With the holidays quickly approaching, one of the most common and relatively inexpensive gifts to give are pictures. Pictures help to capture a special moment or memory we want to share and pass on to the other person. One of my favourite Etsy shops I will be purchasing a few gifts from this holiday season is PhotoMediaDecor. Their shop allows you create custom canvas or wood prints to capture those special moments in a beautiful way that can add a special touch to any home. Plus, their prints range in sizes and prices to fit any budget or creative idea you think of!

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