Lessons from an Only Child

That is right, I am an only child. AKA my parents got it right the first time, kidding (but not really!). As a kid everyone thought it was the weirdest thing, pumping me with questions like "who do you play with"? Which obviously I would look blankly at them responding, "well, I am playing with you aren't I? Duh." I was sassy, and by "was" I mean "am". As adults people still ask me the strangest things about growing up alone and whether or not when I have a family if I will follow the same strange path for my offspring. I am really not sure why. I just don't understand the fascination and the mystery that is the solo child.

As an only child, I learned to entertain myself. If I was home and without said friends, it was up to me to entertain myself. I got pretty good at it and was never bored. I was the boss and had to answer to no one telling me how to play my own game. I was able to let my creativity and imagination soar without feeling embarrassed or bossy towards other people.

I learned to be independent. Again, alone means you learn to like it or at least deal with it. I learned how to do a lot on my own without the pressures of other siblings. In addition, sometimes I also got all the glory from those achievements (bonus!). By the time school came around I was able to work independently without fawning over the teacher. I was and still am able to work independently while finding this fulfilling.

I learned to share my own opinion. I never had to listen to sibling pressuring me into thinking a certain way about something. I had my own mind, ideas, and opinions that were 100% my own. I learned to share them openly with anyone.

I appreciate myself. After spending so much time alone with myself, I know myself pretty darn well.  I know my faults, weakness, and strengths. I have always been in self reflection mode which has helped shape me to who I am today and how I carry myself.

I didn't need to share. Yup, there it is. This as a child was a bonus to me. I got to choose when and with who I shared with. And because of my lack of sharing, I learned to appreciate and care for my things. My toys, clothes, and whatnot were mine and only mine. I was in charge of all the things and took this responsibility very seriously. Although, I didn't need to share, I do know how (thanks school).

Responsibilities weren't a shocker. Not only was I raised as an only child, but I was also raised by a single mom. Responsibilities were just part of my daily life, even from a young age. I enjoyed responsibilities and still do. I learned that I couldn't blame my mess on some younger sibling. It was only me. Therefore, I knew I couldn't get away with anything, so honesty became the only policy. 

All in all, the life of a only child isn't fascinating as most people think. We learned lessons similarly to those who have siblings. No, we all were spoiled rotten. Yes, we learned to share. Yes, we may have even liked it.

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